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Era Of The Biff Dreamteams.

THIS PAGE HAS A LOT OF GREAT CONTENT - GRAB A BEER or three (even a Resch's Yuck) put on your thinking caps and don't hesitate to get involved.... you just got to love this...

Australian and International Selections of Hardmen.

“We wanted to pick the most feared team God ever put breath into”.
This page is the result of great work and dedication from Jason Buffier and Matt Sullivan. 12 May 2006

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On the 12th May 06 I received several emails from Jason Buffier (Buff) and Matt Sullivan (Sullos) from Sydney, who told me of their recent campaigns to compile Aussie and International Representative Teams consisting of Hardmen - Madmen etc etc... in response to some recent current Dream Team nominations - they wanted a team/s as they say in their words..........
“We wanted to pick the most feared team God ever put breath into”.

The Criteria......
1. Would this player take matters into his own hands and throw the first punch?
2. How would this player have fared in the 1973 GFor the abandoned 1954 NSW v GB game?

but before we start going any further I feel that we should acknowledge the guys sources of information.... do it the right way. The BIBLIOGRAPHY
The Encyclopedia of Australian Rugby League Players (1993) Alan Whiticker and Glen Hudson
The Sun Book of Rugby League (1983) Gary Lester
Rugby League The Australian Way (1970) Jack Pollard
Rugby League Week 25 Sensations Years (1995) David Middleton
The Finals. The History of NSW Rugby League Finals (1992) Steve Haddan
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