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Era Of The Biff Dreamteams.

THIS PAGE HAS A LOT OF GREAT CONTENT - GRAB A BEER or three (even a Resch's Yuck) put on your thinking caps and don't hesitate to get involved.... you just got to love this...

Australian and International Selections of Hardmen.

“We wanted to pick the most feared team God ever put breath into”.
This page is the result of great work and dedication from Jason Buffier and Matt Sullivan. 12 May 2006

Introductory Banter

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Quigs here interrupting .. I am attempting to get this into some chronological order for ease of reading.

Buff & Sullos wrote,

After much deliberation, argument and consideration Sullos and I are pleased to announce our Rugby League Dream Teams (see below). You will note that in our quoted sources there is a web page. We would strongly recommend a visit to this site.

Those of you who received the final draft last week will note only one change. Graeme "Penguin" Bradley was dropped for Chris "Choppy" Close – essentially on the strength of his SOO back handers.

You may comment that the selected fullbacks do not quite fit the profile of their team mates. We went with goal kickers (to take advantage of the high penalty count), who also happened to be the best players ever in their position. There were no fullbacks we could truly class as hard or mad.

As previously mentioned, when selecting the teams there were two main questions that Sullos & I asked ourselves:

1. Would this player take matters into his own hands and throw the first punch?
2. How would this player have fared in the 1973 GF or the abandoned 1954 NSW v GB game?

Essentially, when we thought or heard of a new player we were forced to consider who to remove from the teams as they stand? Obviously there are some hard luck stories for players who missed out. We contemplated naming them but where do you draw the line?

At the end of the day we hope to submit these teams to RLW & have them run a competition where people write a match report of the game between the Aussie teams, with the victor to take on the International XIII. The matches would be played under a 5m, 6 tackle, contested scrum, no replacement, 3 pt try, 1 pt field goal rules. It would start at 3pm on a Sunday at the SCG. All players are required to wear black boots with white laces (except Langlands). Keith Page, the man in charge of 1973 GF has been appointed referee. Greg Hartley and Barry Gomersall to run the touch lines. Frank Hyde is timekeeper and commentator and will also sing the national anthem.

Thank you to all who contributed.

Rugby League. The Greatest Game of All.
Buff & Sullos.

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