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Australian and International Selections of Hardmen.

“We wanted to pick the most feared team God ever put breath into”.
This page is the result of great work and dedication from Jason Buffier and Matt Sullivan. 12 May 2006

Selectors Comments #1

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Quigs here .. Below is more of the correspondence regarding this very important selection process.


Thank you again for your contributions.

It is worth noting at the outset that only XIII were selected for each team rather than the modern fashion of 17 due to (a) no replacement rule, and (b) you couldn't drag them off anyway.

In terms of potential hard men nominated, we make the following comments (I have ignored the Cats, Crims, Coppers & Dickheads – not even I have that much time on my hands)……

Rex "The Moose" Mossop – very close to selection, his 1959 GF send off with Harry Bath highly commended. In the end, his admission that he could never get the better of Vince Karalius kept him out of the side.
Find out what the hardmen are doing these recent days. Whether they are still playing or have transferred to that great club in the sky.Rex and Harry

George Piggins – equal with Moose. His fight with Mal Reilly where they were headbutting each other whilst laying side by side on the ground was highly commended.

At the end of the day, Billy "Capt Blood" Wilson & Noel "Ned" Kelly are ahead of him due to their knuckle experience during the GB hard nut era.

Terry Reagan, "Rambo" Ronnie Gibbs, Barry Lennon & Mark Geyer – fondly mentioned in discussions but were more "mad" than "hard".

Steve Bowden & Wally Lewis – were in the first draft team. Unlucky to miss out.

Mark Broadhurst & Geoff Dowling – this team is more about throwing the first punch rather than copping it.

David Grant, Brendon Tuuta, Michael Crocker, Mark Carroll, Les Kiss, Olsen Filipana – handy, but not up to this class.

Steve Linnane, Hoppa, Danny Williams – whilst the nominated teams didn't abide by Marquis of Queensbury rules, gouging, cheap shots & rectal examinations weren't the only weapons in their armoury.

David Furner – mentioned in dispatches, but to make these teams you need to be inclined to start it as well as being able to finish it.

Chris Walker, Terry Wickey, Matt Goodwin, Mark "Sparkles" "Hammer" McGaw, Whiz Freeman, Jason Ryles – just no.

Brett Mullins – fullback has been by far the hardest position to fill in all three teams. Accordingly, we have decided to issue the teams on Monday with a rider that someone needed to be able to kick for goal (given the anticipated high penalty count).

Bob Cooper – still not out of it. Roy Masters described the wild brawl thus…. “.. and Cooper stood like King Kong, with the Illawarra players acting as the by-planes which he merely swatted away….” He made the 2nd team draft and is essentially fighting Steve Kneen for one spot. Although Kneen only received a 12 month suspension from Jim Comans, he does have International experience.

John Atkinson – in the team. Just the temperament & attributes we are looking for. Thank you Miles.
John saying hello to Eric Simms just at the end of 1970 World Cup - lets just say that John put his head on the line

Mike Sullivan – behind Atkinson & Des Drummond.

When selecting the teams there were two main questions that Sullos & I asked ourselves:

1. Would this player throw the first punch?
2. How would this player have fared in the 1973 GF or the abandoned 1954 NSW v GB game?

Essentially, when we think or hear of a new player we are forced to consider who to remove from the teams as they stand?

At the end of the day we hope to submit these teams to RLW & have them run a competition where people write a match report of the game between the Aussie teams, with the victor to take on the International XIII.

The match would be played under a 5m, 6 tackle, contested scrum, no replacement, 3 pt try rules. It would start at 3pm on a Sunday at the SCG. All players are required to wear black boots with white laces (except Langlands).

I remain, as always, your humble servant……….

Jason Buffier

This page is Selectors Comments #1

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