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Title: ... (fm-59) Comments on Chopper climbing the post at Wembley 1975 - Susan Smith

I have been reading this website and found no 59 chopper climbing the goal post for charity in 1975 when widnes beat warrington.

(see http://www.eraofthebiff.com/p-fm59.html .......  Chopper, a Widnes Legend climbs the Wembley Posts)

This is my uncle, John Smith who sadly passed away a few years ago. I am so pleased to see this picture of my uncle John and its great to see that he has been made a legend. He was a lovely man and was my dad's oldest brother who helped my gran bring up my dad and her other children. He was the best uncle ever and we miss him dearly.

I have heard stories from my dad and gran about how he climbed the wembley goalpost for charity when Widnes beat Warrington in the 1975 championships.

I wasn't born till 1981 but wish I had been there to see the 1975 game.

To all the other people who have wrote in, i asked my dad (Choppers brother) and he confirmed that chopper comes from the name he was given 'JOHN THOMAS', not that he rode a chopper bike to wembley! Please, if anyone else has pictures of chopper climbing the wembley goalpost, send them in as i would love to see them.

(fm-59) Comments on Chopper climbing the post at Wembley 1975 - Susan Smith

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Date of posting ... 12-Feb-2009
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