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Title: ... p118 - Memories / Stories about Frank Foster - by Phil Atkinson

Frank Foster was a good deal more than just a hard man (though he was more than hard enough).  In the Hull deby of Easter 1967 he dropped an amazing goal on the turn from near the half-way line. His mate Bill Holliday dropped one just to keep up.  
There's a mining village south of Goole called Moorends, and there's a local legend that Frank, Bill Holliday and a bloke from Egremont called Jimmy Rogers once took on a whole bar-full of miners. Don't know whether it's true or not. Can't see why it shouldn't be

p118 - Memories / Stories about Frank Foster - by Phil Atkinson

Appears in the following pages ....P118_Frank FOSTER
Date of posting ... 20-Jan-2010
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