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Title: ... p25 - Dimond - Memories of Meeting - story by Ken Collins.

p25 - I remember waiting back at Lidcombe (post Pratten 'cause I was too young I thought to approach him earlier) long after the pre-season night games at Lidcombe to talk with my hero.


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Ken Collins

Western Suburbs Magpies



"Mate, I can't tell you how wrapped I was to find another site relating to my childhood hero - Pete - what irks me however is the mispelling of his surname, how can you let "Diamond" go to transmission. Come on, install a virus protection detector to scan future "Diamond" references and ensure that the diamond name of "DIMOND" is preserved so as to avoid any discreditation of the great man!

(From Quigs - Thanks for drawing my attention to my spelling mistakes - my apols - I have now corrected the changes to PD's entry in this page)

I love this name, I love the bloke! I remember waiting back at Lidcombe (post Pratten 'cause I was too young I thought to approach him earlier) long after the pre-season night games at Lidcombe to talk with my hero.

He was tough on the field alright, but through my young eyes, he could do no wrong.I wrote to him and he responded by sending me an autographed photo of him charging down the wing on the way to scoring a try, Dick Thornett in "support" on the record tour of GB in '63.

Alas, where is the photo now?I wouldn't depart with it for quids, it's around somewhere, please ask Peter for a copy.

By the way, I remember seeing PD at the Royal Easter Show pushing Craig around in a pram - Craig would have been 2 or so.Can you tell me Peter's birthday - I really want to send him a birthday card - I'm now 54 but still have great memories of the man.

I was at the Grafton Cup meeting in 1976? (Zammazan Lass) and remember seeing him on the hill....I was still in awe of the great man and regret to this day staying with my mates and not approaching him to ask whether he remembered my letter - I so wanted to thank him for the photo but the guilt from misplacing that treasure prevented me from going up to him.

The next time I saw an image of him was a few years ago when down at Figtree at a relo's place and they had a local publication from the Dapto (I think) Club New Year's Eve party - there was a photo of "PD" and friends. I was wrapped to see how well he and his friends scrubbed up.

Look forward to a response so that I can return a favour with a b'day card from someone (one of thousands) who cherish those Pratten Park, SCG, Sports Ground & Lidcombe Oval memories - caaaaaaaaarn Wesssssssssts!


KC (Up the Maggies)"

Appears in the following pages ....P25_Peter DIMOND
Date of posting ... 20-May-2005
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