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Title: ... p29 - John Sattler memories blue with Brian Anderson, by Steven Browne, Mortdale, NSW

I'll bet they had a beer at the club afterwards, though, boys being boys!


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Steven Browne, Mortdale, NSW


early 70's


I remember a game played at Redfern Oval, back in the early 70's, where Souths were playing Norths.

Well, the Bears had a very hard Kiwi forward, Brian Anderson, I think his name was, and he and Satts had been at each other all game, with neither taking a backward step away from each other.

It was well into the second half, and I think they were both starting to tire of each other, so they put on a hell of a stink during a scrum, and surprisingly, none of their teamates would get involved.

It was starting to become rather nasty, so the ref (I think it was Keith Page)dedided enough was enough and sent the pair of them off for an early shower.

Anyway, they started to trudge off together, but couldn't help continuing to bait each other, and started to get into it again once they got off the field, and were still at it as they were walking up the tunnel into the dressing rooms!

It is one incident I've always remembered well, as I had a birds-eye view of the dressing room tunnel from the opposite sideline, and have often wondered whether they continued on in the dressing rooms.

I'll bet they had a beer at the club afterwards, though, boys being boys!

Hope you enjoyed this tale. I wonder if there are any Bears fans out there who'd remember this big Kiwi?

Cheers, Steve.

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Date of posting ... 05-Jun-2006
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