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Title: ... p29 - John Sattler memories of the Gentleman by Summo, Godwin Beach, Qld

Your a bloody gentleman of the first order and a great Australian.


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Summo, Godwin Beach, Qld

North Queensland Cowboys, Valleys Diehards



I met Mr John Sattler on several occasions after his retirement into the pub game. In fact a pub on Bribie Island is still referred to by the locals as Satts pub, such was the presence of this man. He left that pub probably 20 years ago.

But the time I recall best of all was one afternoon when I visited the Cecil Hotel in Southport with a couple of copper mates who drank at Satt's Cecil quite regularly.

I am not a well known person or someone who stands out in a crowd, but I'd met Satt's a couple of times over the bar at various hotels he'd operated. I hadn't seen him in 6 years. Satts said g'day and shoke my hand with that notoriously hard, firm, steely shake and asked how I was and it was good to see me again. Fancy that! John Sattler remembering someone like me. I was humbled. But you know, Satt's treates everyone like that.

We had a round of drinks when 2 elderly ladies walked into the Cecil with some groceries obviously having just stopped in for a shandy after shopping. Mr Sattler immediately excused himself from our conversation, walked over and pulled two chairs out for the ladies and took their drinks order, then returned to the table with their drinks to make sure they were comfortable.

I thought at the time what a pefect man to model oneself on. How times have changed. I hope you get to read this sometime Satts. Your a bloody gentleman of the first order and a great Australian. Congratulations.

Next time I see you. I shall buy you another ale.

Appears in the following pages ....P29_John SATTLER
Date of posting ... 20-Jun-2006
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