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Title: ... p32 - Memories of Artie Beetson @ Hulll KR against Huddersfiled. by Ken Parker, UK

Item No 20 on the Artie Beetson file is slightly inaccurate.

The match in question was a first team match against Huddersfield. Artie was, well just Artie & Ian Van Bellen & ?? Anderson had been after Artie all of the first half. Eventually, Artie got a little fed up of their treatment of him & after one particularly nasty tackle by the pair of them on Artie, he got up to play the ball, threw it on the ground & then proceeded to set about the pair of them.  Everybody, including the referee stood around until Artie had finished with them.  When the dust finally settled, hw walked off without waiting for the referee's signal.  Needless to say he got a standing ovation.

p32  - Memories of Artie Beetson @ Hulll KR against Huddersfiled. by Ken Parker, UK

Appears in the following pages ....P32_Arthur BEETSON
Date of posting ... 07-May-2009
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