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Title: ... p35 - Tom Raudonikis - an unsubstantiated yarn about Tommy kidnapping a copper (who played for Wests

in the heart of Sydney by a group of assailants, forcibly carried to a car and thrown in the boot


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Quigs - the webmaster


Probably mid1970


Now we all know that Tommy was a bit of a rogue on and off the paddock....

I had the pleasure of coaching a reserve grade side on the far south coast of NSW and the first grade captain coach at the time had played for some years with West.

Now this story cannot be substantiated but it is a good yarn all the same. The coach who shall remain nameless is a very likeable bloke, and very laidback and easy going. In his playing days with the Maggies the management of the club thought it would be best if this player was to join the NSW Police Force as it was a good job for League players. if you knew this particular bloke you would think it was the last job that he would be suited for....but....

Now "X" was stationed in the inner city of Sydney and as he told it to me, he was doing point duty one day (traffic directing) as some traffic lights were down. Unbeknown to him he had stopped a commodore that was being driven by a west player who had transferred from Illawarra. The car was actually a prize awarded to this player from his efforts in the mid week cup. Also in the car as a passenger was one T.R. and a couple of other west players.

Next moment there was an unprovoked assualt on the unsuspecting policeman doing traffic duty. He was crashed tackled in the heart of Sydney by a group of assailants, forcibly carried to a car and thrown in the boot, and the offenders then drove off from the scene with an extra passenger in the boot.

Concerned members of the community who witnessed the event immediately reported the matter to Police fearing the worst.

"X" sauntered into the Inner City Police Station some short time later unaware that a "Signal One" Policeman down had been issued and there was a major search underway for a policeman that had been seriously assaulted and abducted...

As I mentioned this story is unsubstantiated but the source was pretty reliable..... Quigs.

Appears in the following pages ....P35_Tom RAUDONIKIS
Date of posting ... 02-Jun-2003
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