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Title: ... p36 Wally Lewis - memories of the post UK tour car wrecks -Andrew Sutton, Wakefield UK- 26/4/2006

My mate who was a young copper in Leeds at the time, got a call on the radio to attend an 'accident' at the rear of the Dragonara Hotel. -


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Andrew Sutton, Wakefield UK




See Yarn of the Month No14 for the full story.

Re Wally Lewis.

I had to smile when I saw the pictures on the site of Wally in the old wreck of a Saab, on the last day of the 86 tour.

The boys, I gather, had a bit of a demolition derby at the back of what was then called the Dragonara Hotel in Leeds.

My mate who was a young copper in Leeds at the time, got a call on the radio to attend an 'accident' at the rear of the Dragonara Hotel. He arrived to find the Saab in a wreck with (he swears) the engine still running, but with no sign of Messrs Lewis, Simmons and Roach, who I gather had paid a couple of hunderd quid for the car at the start of the tour.

He also tells the tale of stopping a car full of Green and Gold track suits on a main road in Leeds City centre. The car was a wreck. He had the guys out and was pointing out the defects when one of the Green and Golds says " Jeeze mate, if it's that bad we don't want it and they all buggered off up the road and left the car.

The first tale about the Saab I know is absolutely true but can any of the guys on the tour confirm the second story?

All the best Quigs, being an old fart of fifty I can remember many of the players listed.

Appears in the following pages ....P36_ Wally LEWIS
Date of posting ... 20-Jun-2006
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