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Title: ... p37 - Greg Dowling - (p90) Kevin Tamati 1985 Test Match Blue - memories by-Shelton-

p37 - Greg Dowling - (p90) Kevin Tamati - She was calling dowling everything under the sun... i was shocked at what i was watching and hearin from my mums mouth!-


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I remember this well...1985 first test of three...lang park..i was in front of our tv with my mum...i was only ten years old.

K.T as he is known is a relation of ours and we are proud of his days as a league known hardman.....i have watched it on tape a few times because i wanted to know what started it.

From what i recall, tamati tackles dowling and as dowling gets up to play the ball leads with his head straight into the markers face which happens to be tamati then the brawl goes on ....and on.....and on....

my mum was screaming at the tv....

i was ten and i had to tell her to calm down.

She was calling dowling everything under the sun... i was shocked at what i was watching and hearin from my mums mouth! ha ha ha....

Then they got sin binned.

then it started again...sledging all the way off the feild... they made it a rule to send 1 player at a time off after this incident..

It starts up and kevin gave it to him...

My mum did too.!!!!!!...

I was telling mum to be quiet coz she was yelling so much...

I have talked to kevin about that incident and says it was nothing much really....!!!

He said the best fight was against the poms.... where the cops on the side line had to help break it up...

I think it might be second test in 84 or 86 against the poms. He said they gave the hooker in that game a hell of a touch up..

I'm not sure as our conversation was nearly 10 years ago.. as for my mum she still sits in front of the t.v watchin the games....but doesnt yell like that night of the tamati dowling fight....

For the record....tamati 1 dowling nil....

Just out of interest imagine how much money you could make if you got them in the boxing ring for one of those charity fights... or got all the players back for a charity type fight against there old foe.....you'd make millions!....

p.s. dont forget my cut!

Appears in the following pages ....P37_Greg DOWLING, P90_Kevin TAMATI
Date of posting ... 21-Jun-2004
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