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Title: ... p41 - Mark Geyer comments by MG himself on his first 1st grade match

At one stage I called Bruiser (Bruce Clark) a fat old man and he chased me 20 metres across the field


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MG on his second first grade match - playing Western Suburbs as an 18 year old.




Geyer found life in the big time to be anything but smooth sailing in his second game, against West at Orana Park in Campbelltown (NSW). The Penrith youngster had the crowd at boiling point after crash-tackling West Forward John Elias in an awesome but legal hit - and the popular Magpie didn't wake up until several minutes later in the dressing room.

"I just lost the plot that day, "Geyer remembers. "I was still trying to find my feet in firstgrade, their old hands, like Bruce Bruiser Clark and Ian Schubert were baiting me, and I was copping heaps from the crowd. I hit Elias hard and even though it wasn't an illegal tackle, they were after my blood.

At one stage I called Bruiser (Bruce Clark) a fat old man and he chased me 20 metres across the field trying to belt me. Royce Simmons had bagged him earlier and I thought, if Royce can do it, so can I. I was just a kid at that stage and didn't realise you had to earn some respect before you could do things like that on the field. i was this 18 year old kid who thought he was king of the heap. Tim Sheens ended up having to take me off early in the second half - I was just making a fool of myself. After the game all these Wests supporters wanted to beat the crap out of me behind the dressing rooms. So I hid in the bar. I wanted to make myself scarce but the first bloke I saw in there was Bruiser. I tried to walk past unnoticed but he shoved a schooner into my hand and said, "I think you could use this, kid".

West front Row, Bruiser Clarke, Hooker Arthur Mountier, and the late Dallas Donnelly.


"So I had a beer with him and he turned out to be a champion bloke. I felt a bit bad about what I said to him out there, but never got the chance to play against him again. I learned probably more that day than any other in football - Bruiser really knocked me down a peg or two."

courtesy of Tony Adams great book The Hitmen - A tribute to League's tough guys.

Appears in the following pages ....P41_Mark GEYER
Date of posting ... 05-Jun-2006
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