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Title: ... p73 - Clive Churchill and (p105) Puig Aubert The French Legend

It was said of him that he was the only fullback ever to make Churchill look foolish


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From the Book, History of Australian Rugby League




(From the book, History of Australian Rugby League)

(The only time they believed it happend to the Little Master)

Puig-Aubert broke all the rules. Firstly, he did not have the physique expected of an international player; he took the view that a fullback's role was not to tackle and backed up his belief in some matches by refusing to do so. When kicking for goal, he turned his back on the ball when walking back to prepare for the kick. There was no measured step towards the ball and he had the fastest approach of any big time kicker.

In a match against Townsville on the 1951 Tour, Puig Aubert placed the ball flat on the ground for the conversion attempt after a try had been scored under the posts. He kicked the goal.

He hated training. During his irregular attendances at training, he would often argue heatedly with the coach of the team, Bob Samatan. At training Samatan would explain his views on how the game should be played and Puig Aubert would argue violently with him. His temperment allowed no peace for opponents, team mates or touring officials.

Puig Aubert tried to lead his team off the field in the match against Toowoomba after Brouse and Duncan Hall were sent off.

It was said of him that he was the only fullback ever to make Churchill look foolish. He was a powerful kicker and ran Churchill around on a number of occasions. Churchill's supporters claimed the Australian fullback did not get the support from his wingers who should of been prepared to drop back and help him.......

(From the Book, The History of Australian Rugby League)

Appears in the following pages ....P106_Puig AUBERT, P73_Clive CHURCHILL
Date of posting ... 09-May-2004
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