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Title: ... p74 - Memories of Ray Price playing for Wakefield at 36 - by Ian Holden. Wakefield UK

I remember first seeing Ray Price run out onto the field for Wakey at 36, all strapped up with his face mashed and screwed up.

He was alongside a load of local no-hopers and over the hill journeymen who looked for all the world like relegation fodder. I also remember the laughs from local rivals Castleford who were at that time sporting several GB Internationals in their team.

they were laughing at the other side of their in-bred faces when they saw the awesome impact Ray had on the game and the bone crunching tackles he put in in 80 minutes.

But more than that, much more than that he squeezed every last ounce of ability from that team and totally inspired the squad/supporters.

We stayed up contrary to the pundits views.

My lasting memory is seeing Wakey v Cas that season and Ronnie Gibbs for them staggering about having been knocked out cold by the Ray Price led rampaging Trinity.

Wakey won the game and the TV coverage played out with Ronnie staggering about to Rose Royce-wishing on a star.

p74 - Memories of Ray Price playing for Wakefield at 36 - by Ian Holden. Wakefield UK

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Date of posting ... 15-Jul-2009
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