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Title: ... p77 - Memories of Graham Eadie playing for Halifax UK - by Andy Graydon

Currently living on the Gold Coast (left UK in 2007, born and bred in Halifax), and met up with Graham the other week.  He was many a peoples hero in Halifax, a club that had very much been a "yo-yo" side between the First and Second Divisions, often in financial difficulties.
Joining us from the 1986/87 season, Eadie actually scored 20 tries for us that season - 1 behind Colin Whitfield (our centre and regular goalkicker). I always remember him for so often being that last line of defence and literally always getting his man - the man with the ball.  It always seemed that even if that man passed to a supporting player, Eadie would always go for the ball holder - no second guessing!
And of course, with the ball in hand on plays where he joined the line he was just phenonenal.  He was so broad and stocky he used to just bounce tacklers off - the perfect example being that Wembley final in 1987 where Mark Elia and Phil Veivers were left sprawling in his wake!!  Ah, those were the days.
But he was also (and still is) a thoroughly nice bloke, on and off field.  Can't remember the game (it was at our home ground, Thrum Hall), but I do remember an opposition player deciding he was going to try and hit Eadie.  That memory may be tainted with time, but I can see it now - Eadie basically had this player pinned to the ground whilst looking around to see what was happening in play - the ref ran up, Graham let him go and ran back into position!  No fighting, no brawl, just professional to the "nth" degree.
You know, there's also the fact that the opposition fans would, so many times, comment: "that fullback of yours is bloody good".  We would just smile and thank our lucky stars he was in our team - LOL!
Graham Eadie - a legend for Halifax RLFC.  We often wondered what he must have been like when he was younger!!  Manly fans must have been treated to some fantastic moments!

p77 - Memories of Graham Eadie playing for Halifax UK - by Andy Graydon

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Date of posting ... 14-Apr-2010
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