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Title: ... p79 Steve Mortimer (p35) Raudonikis rooming together before State Of Origin by 851 of LU Forum

"I am the starting halfback I'll take the big bed".


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851 off the League Unlimited Forum




851 from LU Forum

Tommy Raudonikis and Steve Mortimer........yarn

My favourite is from Tommys book, Mortimer had just replaced Tommy in the State team pre origin.

They were playing at Lang Park and Tommy was a reserve so they roomed Mortimer and Tommy together(not a good move). When they got to the room there was a double bed and a single bed,Mortimer said as he threw his bag on the double bed "I am the starting halfback I'll take the big bed".

Tommy as cool as you like picked up Mortimers bag walked out on to the balcony and dropped it down to the carpark.He then said to Mortimer "when you get back mine is white with 2 sugars".

At the game NSW were expected to win easily as they always did but things didn't pan out that way.NSW were behind in the second half and Mortimer was choking,Tommy went on and replaced him. He started a fight as soon as he hit the field,put QLD off there game scored a try and set one up in one of the best 20 minutes of his career.

Tommy proved you don't knock a champion,and you could never under estimate Tommy,"you champ."


Mate I remember the game and the blue.

When Tommy ran on he had sparks coming out of his bum, he was as wild as.

When the blue erupted there was an all in. Tommy spotted his counterpart Oliphant on the deck near the sideline getting treatment. Tommy ran about 15 metres pushed the trainer/ambo or what ever they were called in those days, out of the way and started into him. It was on again.

Appears in the following pages ....P35_Tom RAUDONIKIS, P79_Steve MORTIMER
Date of posting ... 02-May-2005
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