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Title: ... p86 - Brian McTigue Comments on BM by Richard, Skipton, England

Billy Boston commented that " Brian is so quiet he can't even talk to himself!"


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Richard, Skipton, England




From the list my vote must go to Brian McTigue. His knockout punch only travelled nine inches and he was such a nice private guy off the field that Billy Boston commented that " Brian is so quiet he can't even talk to himself!"

There are three notable names missing from the list. My old dad was a shrewd judge of a rugby player and he reckoned there was no one tougher than Bill Hudson. He never played much international football, being kept out of the GB team by Ike Owens (Leeds) and Harold Palin (Warrington). They were better players than Hudson but when it came to the rough stuff Hudson was in a class of his own. Hudson led the Wigan pack that saw off Huddersfield in a Campionship final at Main Road when Wigan were without seven Tourists, including Gee and Egan. By the way, for "pound for pound toughness, you wouldn't go far wrong with Joe Egan, who my old man rated the best rugby player he ever saw.

Jack Wilkinson of Halifax was another very tough customer. The rougher it got the more "Wilki" liked it. With him and Brian Mac in the front row for GB the Aussies knew they were in for a very unpleasant afternoon.

Finhally, what about Dick Huddart? I once heard an Aussie forward speaking on a newsreel and he said that the only time he was ever scared on a rugby field was when Huddart was in the GB pack.

Appears in the following pages ....P86_Brian McTIGUE
Date of posting ... 21-May-2007
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