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Title: ... p91 - Mick Cronin Sent Off for foul play by parra4ever

his Parra team mates stood around and laughed hysterically! Cronin sent off for foul play


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I recall a match against Easts at the old Sydney Sports Ground.

Somehow Mick Cronin came up up with a tackle that the referree decided was worthy of being sent off. I'm sure that was the only time in Gentleman Mick's career!

The funny part was, rather than being upset about losing a man during an important match, his Parra team mates stood around and laughed hysterically! Cronin sent off for foul play? Now that's funny. I think they won.

I also had the privelege of sitting near Mick's mum at home game at Parra stadium. She always brought her knitting and never watched the game, until Micj took a shot at goal. She would watc quietly at that point, then go back to her knitting!

Appears in the following pages ....P91_Mick CRONIN
Date of posting ... 02-May-2006
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