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Title: ... p92 - Geoff Robinson comments and memories by Prodigal Son

He is a "one of a kind", the sort of player who comes along once in a lifetime


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Prodigal Son


1977 -1986


"Robbo" is my favourite all time player. He is a "one of a kind", the sort of player who comes along once in a lifetime. I feel privileged to have seen him play for the club I supported during his career (1977-1986) and he gave me much enjoyment watching him play.

He was a fearless prop and second rower. When he got the ball, he would charge straight at the opposition with no regard for his own safety! I reckon the sight of him (long black hair, beard and moustache) charging at you would have put some doubt/fear into defenders' minds! He was not all "head down and charge" though......he developed (especially towards the end of his career) some good ball skills (off-loading to support players with 2 or 3 defenders hanging off him) and was a bit unlucky not to have played State of Origin for NSW. He also played an integral part in the Bulldogs 1980 and 1984 premiership wins.

Was great supporting the Bulldogs when Robbo was playing. Whenever Robbo got the ball the crowd would get all excited and chant "GO ROBBO, GO ROBBO"!!! He was a crowd pleaser! He always gave 100%!

I recall an incident at Brookvale Oval in 1984. In those days me and my friend used to get to the games early. We had also spent a bit of extra money getting our Canterbury jerseys lettered with the words "GO ROBBO" on the front (and in my case "I'm Robbo's No. 1 fan" on the back). Anyway, me and my friend were walking past the Eastern Grandstand at Brookvale when a couple of Manly supporters see our jerseys and say to us "look, there's Robbo". And, sure enough, Geoff Robinson was sitting in front of the Eastern stand near the players' entrance watching the Third Grade play! We went over to say hello. Robbo was in a pair of scruffy jeans, a pair of thongs and smoking a cigarette (all unthinkable by today's standards now that players before and after the match are attired in suits and ties - was even a bit unusual back then, to. Anyway, Geoff took the time to have a chat with us. He was very down to earth and (while he appreciated the "Go Robbo" on our jerseys) he did not let things like this go to his head.

He struck me at the time (and in subsequent encounters with him) as someone who is very loyal to his club (eg he was a one club player) and loyal to his friends (I am not surpised at his support for Garry Hughes in that Sunday Telegraph article - also I recall he had a friend who died around 1990 and "Robbo" took it upon himself to provide financial assitance to his friend's widow and children, even thugh he had a family of his own).

In terms of "character/colourfulness", the only player who comes close to Robbo today is Willie Mason.

Geoff, if you are reading this, I say "thankyou for the memories"and I hope all is well with you and "GO ROBBO, GO ROBBO, GO ROBBO"!!!

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Date of posting ... 10-May-2004
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