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Title: ... p99 - Ellery Hanley, Garry Schofield and Gareth Ellis honoured at Wests Tigers Dinner by Wayne Cousi

Ellery Hanley, Garry Schofield and Gareth Ellis honoured at Wests Tigers Dinner

By Wayne Cousins, Wests Tigers website.


Great Britain rugby league greats Ellery Hanley and Garry Schofield were tonight honoured by Wests Tigers.

Hanley and Schofield, who enjoyed stints at Balmain and Western Suburbs, were inducted into The British Chapter as part of the Tigers Hall of Fame.

They are the inaugural inductees of The British Chapter and received a standing ovation from the audience at the Wests Tigers Gala dinner at Curzon Hall, Marsfield, in front of more than 500 people.

Their attacking brilliance and the way Hanley and Schofield electrified the Tigers remain very much in the minds and hearts of Balmain supporters.

England Test second-rower Gareth Ellis was also honoured for his outstanding contribution for Wests Tigers since arriving at the Club in 2009.

Ellis was presented with the inaugural Ellery Hanley ACE Award donated by Hanley which will be presented at the end of each season to the Wests Tigers Player of the Year. It was fitting Ellis received the award for the time being after being named the Club's best player for the past three years.

Ellery Hanley
Balmain Tigers Career
1988: 8 games, 5 tries, 20 points.
1996-97: 26 games, 3 tries, 1fg, 13 points.
Total: 34 games, 8 tries, 1fg, 33 points.

Western Suburbs Career
1989: 13 games, 4 tries, 16 points.

Great Britain Tests (1984-93)
36 games, 20 tries, 80 points.

Garry Schofield
Balmain Tigers Career, 1985-87.
1985: 16 games, 11 tries, 6 goals, 2fg, 58 points.
1986: 20 games, 13 tries, 3 goals, 1 fg, 59 points.
1987: 10 games, 4 tries, 1fg, 17 points.
Total: 46 games, 28 tries, 9 goals, 4fg, 134 points.

Western Suburbs Career
1989: 9 games, 5 tries, 1fg, 21 points.

Great Britain Tests (1984-94)
46 games, 31 tries, 9 goals, 7 fg, 149 points.

Balmain Tigers Hall of Fame Inductees
Keith Barnes, Harry Bath, Arthur Beetson, William Bischoff, Bob Boland, David Bolton,
Tom Bourke, Tim Brasher, David Brooks, Larry Corowa, Jim Craig, Bob Craig, John Davidson, Fred De Belin, Pat Devery, Ben Elias, Laurie Fagan, Charles Fraser, Sid Goodwin, Arthur Halloway, Jack Hampstead, Kerry Hemsley, Garry Jack, Joe Jorgenson, Len Killeen, Reg Latta, Garry Leo, Bob Mara, Bill Marsh, Leo Nosworthy, Mark O’Neill, Keith Outten, Arthur Patton, Wayne Pearce, Stan Ponchard, Neil Pringle, Peter Provan, Steve Roach, Jack Robinson, Norman Robinson, Trevor Ryan, Sid Ryan, Paul Sironen, John Spencer Jnr, Jack Spencer Jnr, Geoff Starling, Neil Whittaker.
The British Chapter: Ellery Hanley, Garry Schofield.

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Date of posting ... 29-Jun-2012
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