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Title: ... p99 - Ellery Hanley Taking Little Brothers to first game Wigan V Bradford by Greg Milner.

I'd thought i would take him, expecting wigan to wallop us, i wasn't expecting the show we put on that day.


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Greg Milner, England.




Greg's story is this...........Lowly Bradford beat the mighty Wigan

The date was 30/09/1990.

It was bloody freezing and I'd dragged my brother along for his first game of RL, wigan at the time where the darlings of Rugby League over here and Bradford where the minnows, with my brother having a soft spot for wigan.

I'd thought i would take him, expecting wigan to wallop us, i wasn't expecting the show we put on that day.

We where awesome, we ended up winning 31-30, with Craig Richard's our replacement prop for Kelvin Skirt who was playing for wigan.

I'm not kidding when i say Richard's picked skirt up in one of his many tackles on him and through him to the floor like he was a rag doll which produced the second biggest cheer of the afternoon however the first was reserved for an ex Northern legend Allergy Haley.

Probably my favourite player of all time, but he had a tendency to talk to the referee at every given opportunity, however the ref for this match was the no nonsense Robin Whittled.

One of the most hated of referees in this country, but he soon became The Northern fans Favourite after too much back chat from ellery again, who he dispatched to the stands at half time with little andy gregory having to restrain allergy from knocking whitfileds head off.

As well as 10'000 screaming Northern fans sending him on his way, Hanley would however walk into any 13 a side team now or in the past one of the best players of all time and im glad i was one of the thousands of fans who managed to see him play.

GB could do with him now!

Feel free to tidy it up and spell check it im not the best of story tellers but that memory will stick with me to my dieing day!
(from Quigs, Thanks Greg this is exactly what I am chasing for the EOTB website, told as it is by those that witnessed it)

Great website btw im just a little bit too young to remember most of the ex players on here, im glad I had a nosy though!

Appears in the following pages ....P99_Ellery HANLEY
Date of posting ... 19-May-2003
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