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#001 to # 025 Favorite Moments From The Era Of The Biff

This section is set aside for us to share some of the funtimes we had, or encountered, or were lucky enough to be part of during the Era of the Biff.

Have you got a memory you want to share then just drop us an email, it does not have to include hard men you watched, or big league matches that you went to. It might involve a funny incident you witnessed in the bush playing country league, or something that happened when you were travelling to or from a game, your clubs first grand final victory, your trip to the challenge cup, or just something that happend in the terraces ....... I will do my best to include your match recollections.
There are 120 favorite moments listed already..

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  1. fm04 - Memories of Old Leeds player Jack Fairbank Year of Story 1961 quigs eraofthebiff 14-May-2012
  2. fm-05 - A Old memory of Wigan hardman Alan Davies, making good the use of the newly introduced replacement rule quigs eraofthebiff 14-May-2012
  3. fm06 - RONNIE GIBBS IN LAR LAR LAND AND TELEVISED quigs eraofthebiff 14-May-2012
  5. fm08 - A golden moment of Biff executed by an Aussie on a cold afternoon in Blackpool Mark Harrigan, Rochdale Hornets, formerly a Manly Warringah man quigs eraofthebiff 14-May-2012
  6. fm09 - Lowly Bradford beats the mighty Wigan Rugby League Team. And Ellery Hanley gets marched by the Ref quigs eraofthebiff 14-May-2012
  7. fm10 - Warrington v Wigan, 1 January, 1988 NEW YEAR'S DAY PUNCH-UP quigs eraofthebiff 14-May-2012
  8. fm13 - Paul (Saint of Hull) Close encounters as a kid with some of the greats quigs eraofthebiff 14-May-2012
  9. fm11 - 1971 My First visit to Wembley, We nearly fooled Dad. quigs eraofthebiff 14-May-2012
  10. fm12 - Lucky Break, off to Wembley, For the Second Time, 1977 Leeds -v- Widnes quigs eraofthebiff 14-May-2012
  11. fm14 - Tribute to James Lowes, Bradford Hardman - Last game for Bradford from Greg Milner, Bradford. quigs eraofthebiff 14-May-2012
  12. pfm15 - Tigers Legend Kevin Yow Yeh Cleans up Big Bill Hamilton (1966) by Steve Turner aka Codocks quigs eraofthebiff 14-May-2012
  13. FM17 - My Trip to the 1954 Cup Replay, played at Odsal before 103,000 people, Warrigton v Halifax - Prof John Shepherd, Trinidad. quigs eraofthebiff 14-May-2012
  14. fm18 - First trip to the SCG - Bowden sorts out Broadhurst quigs eraofthebiff 14-May-2012
  15. fm19 - Mick Harrison, Hull FC and summary justice quigs eraofthebiff 14-May-2012
  16. fm20 - Saints Fijian Legend Apisia Toga snaps leg quigs eraofthebiff 14-May-2012
  17. fm21 Brendon Tuuta showing Nigel Heslop exactly how to play the game quigs eraofthebiff 14-May-2012
  18. fm22 - State Of Origin myth debunked, Artie ( Arthur Beetson ) was picked from 1st Grade Jeff Quigley 14-May-2012
  19. fm23 - One for Guiness Book of Records, a side made up completely of Sons of the Seven Ahern Brothers. Emu Park 1989 Jeff Quigley 14-May-2012
  20. fm24 -Some memories from a great Hull Kingston Rovers man - Steve Shackleton, living in NZ quigs eraofthebiff 14-May-2012
  21. fm25 - Great memories from the 88 Grand Final and Gearins magical try from Brentnalls bomb quigs eraofthebiff 14-May-2012
  22. fm002 How things can come back to haunt you (1979) Player involved Reg Nolte playing for Narooma Reserve Grade in Group 16 quigs eraofthebiff 14-May-2012
  23. fm001 - Watching the 1975 Grand Final on the famous old SCG hill. by Quigs quigs eraofthebiff 14-May-2012
  24. fm03 - A home game at Narooma which involved a live radio broadcast to far south coast NSW Game was Narooma -v- Bega (probably 1979) quigs eraofthebiff 14-May-2012


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