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#101 to # 125 Favorite Moments From The Era Of The Biff

This section is set aside for us to share some of the funtimes we had, or encountered, or were lucky enough to be part of during the Era of the Biff.

Have you got a memory you want to share then just drop us an email, it does not have to include hard men you watched, or big league matches that you went to. It might involve a funny incident you witnessed in the bush playing country league, or something that happened when you were travelling to or from a game, your clubs first grand final victory, your trip to the challenge cup, or just something that happend in the terraces ....... I will do my best to include your match recollections.
There are 120 favorite moments listed already..

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  1. fm118 John Dallas Donnelly Memorial Day (and other related facts) quigs eraofthebiff 06-Mar-2017
  2. fm117 Memories of Wembley Trips - from David Noble_Doncaster_Yorkshire GB quigs eraofthebiff 14-Jan-2013
  3. fm116 Welcome to Rugby League Scott Quinell - from David Noble, Doncaster, Yorkshire GB quigs eraofthebiff 14-Jan-2013
  4. fm115 - memories of the 63 GF - going with Dad by Lawrence Walker quigs eraofthebiff 13-Jun-2012
  5. fm114 - 1980, Radio Humberside phone in shortly before the challenge cup final between Hull KR and Hull FC quigs eraofthebiff 17-May-2012
  6. fm113 - Memories of West Hulls prop forward Kevin BoBo Watson quigs eraofthebiff 17-May-2012
  7. fm112 - Memories of Keith Gittoes an Aussie Playing for HULL in the 50's. Jeff Quigley 17-May-2012
  8. fm111 - Memories of two Leigh Legends, Aussie Trevor Allan and Jimmy Ledgard, both sadly no longer with us quigs eraofthebiff 17-May-2012
  9. fm110 - Memories from a young Pom watching the 1963 Roos quigs eraofthebiff 17-May-2012
  10. fm109 - Memories of the Jimmy Thompson - Featherstone Legend. quigs eraofthebiff 17-May-2012
  11. fm108 - Memories of the 1971 Cup Final - Leigh -v- Leeds. quigs eraofthebiff 17-May-2012
  12. fm107 - Memories of Steve Martin of Manly fame playing for Barrow in the UK quigs eraofthebiff 17-May-2012
  13. fm106 - Memories of Henry Tatana, Kiwi Legend playing for Canterbury Bankstown quigs eraofthebiff 17-May-2012
  14. fm105 - Memories of Don McMinnon, North Sydney Bears, Manly Warringah hard man quigs eraofthebiff 17-May-2012
  15. fm104 - Memories of the Moose - Rex Mossop, old League Hardman and famous RL Commentator. quigs eraofthebiff 17-May-2012
  16. fm102 - Story about Test hard man Jim Morgan by ex First Grade and International Referee Laurie Bruyeres quigs eraofthebiff 17-May-2012
  17. fm101 - Memories of Harold "Moggie" Palin, Warrington Legend quigs eraofthebiff 17-May-2012
  18. fm103 - Not Exactly All Stars - Americans play Rugby League in Australian Tour 1953. quigs eraofthebiff 17-May-2012


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