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Era Of The Biff, Some Great Interviews  

GREAT INTERVIEWS. Listed below are interviews supplied to the Era of the Biff and kindly permitted by their respective authors / websites. All contributing authors/books/websites will be gratefully acknowledged along with a link to their site.

If you know of an interview that Team Era might like to include then please contact Quigs and I will follow it up..

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  1. int15 - Interview with JIM CODY, an old Western Suburbs Hardman, 60s and 70's by Tony Lewis quigs eraofthebiff 28-Oct-2013
  2. int14 - Interview with MICK ALCHIN, an old Western Suburbs, Easts player from the late 70's by Tony Lewis quigs eraofthebiff 02-Jun-2012
  3. int13 - Interview with the man himself Noel KELLY, The Magpies Legend. by Tony Lewis of www.noelkellyskids.info quigs eraofthebiff 02-Jun-2012
  4. int12 - Interview with Noel Thorton, an old Western Suburbs, Cronulla Sutherland player from the late 60's quigs eraofthebiff 02-Jun-2012
  5. int11 - Interview with Roger Millward - re 1980 Challenge cup, victory and playing with a broken jaw quigs eraofthebiff 02-Jun-2012
  6. int10 - Interview with Alex Murphy - re Challenge cup games inc 1966 win over Leeds quigs eraofthebiff 02-Jun-2012
  7. int09 - Terry Randall Interview - Manly Warringah Hardman by Matt Starkey - League Unlimited. . quigs eraofthebiff 02-Jun-2012
  8. int08 - DIDN’T YOU USED TO BE ......... RUGBY LEAGUE'S ELVIS PRESLEY? Frank Drake, the first full-back to score a try in Australia-Great Britain Test matches quigs eraofthebiff 02-Jun-2012
  9. int07 - Vince Karalius reflects on how he got his hardman reputation quigs eraofthebiff 02-Jun-2012
  10. int06 - Interview with Mr Western Suburbs Keith Yappy Holman from the official website of the Western Suburbs Magpies quigs eraofthebiff 02-Jun-2012
  11. int05 - Interview with John Mowbray, an old West Legend from the 60's quigs eraofthebiff 02-Jun-2012
  12. int04 - QUESTION AND ANSWERS WITH GREG FLORIMO quigs eraofthebiff 02-Jun-2012
  13. Int03 - Television Identity Ray Martin. Ray was interviewed by David Hundt quigs eraofthebiff 02-Jun-2012
  14. int02 - Text of an Interview with the Legendary John Sattler. Satts was interviewed by David Garnett for the website Queenslanders for South Sydney quigs eraofthebiff 02-Jun-2012
  15. int01 - Questions for Changa Langlands from fans from the great "Saints Immortals" website quigs eraofthebiff 02-Jun-2012


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