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fm25 - Great memories from the 88 Grand Final and Gearins magical try from Brentnalls bomb

Posted by quigs eraofthebiff - Monday, May 14, 2012
From The Prodigal Son
Canterbury Bulldogs


I was only 16 at the time and still at school. One of my classmates (a St George supporter) sold me his Grand Final ticket at cost price as St George were not playing (and he knew that I was a Canterbury supporter). The ticket was on the "Hill" area (most of which as you probably know has been concreted over).

It was a great buzz to be seeing a Grand Final live for the first time, espcially as my team was playing in it!!! I was offered some (apparently smuggled in) alcohol (which apeared to be Bacardi and Coke) by some nearby Eastern Suburbs supporters (which I declined). Was a good atmosphere on the Hill and I recall getting pleasure out of seeing Canterbury gradually building up a winning lead due to penalty goals and their first try.

That last (second) try was just magic and the "icing on the cake" to the Grand Final win..............Greg Brentnall put up a somewhat speculative "bomb" at around the 25m mark............Steve Gearin just followed it (and kept his eyes on the ball).............Gearin took the ball on the full and his momentum carried him over the line for a (looking back on it) spectacular try. I recall cheering loudly and "carrying on" when the try was scored.

I recall getting the train back after the game. Then (as now) I lived on the East Hills line and there was only a TWO carriage train at Central to get on.........it was a VERY crowded ride back home, but I didn't mind.............nothing could have overshadowed my feeling that day of (after several years of following Canterbury) getting to see your team win the Grand Final.

Quigs here - Thanks Prodigal Son. and the gang at "The Kennel" a great Doggies Fan site.

This was the team.....

1980 Grand final

Dogs 18 (Anderson Gearin tries; Gearin 6 Goals) def Easts 4.

G Brentnall
C Anderson
C Mortimer
P Mortimer
S Gearin
Garry Hughes
s Mortimer
M Hughes
S Folkes
Graeme Hughes
G Robinson
G Peponis
J Coveney
Howse that from an old Sharkie ....Pssst looked up Rugby Leauge Yearbook 1988.



fm002 How things can come back to haunt you (1979) Player involved Reg Nolte playing for Narooma Reserve Grade in Group 16

Posted by quigs eraofthebiff - Monday, May 14, 2012

Quigs the webmaster
Emu Park, Queensland

In 1978 I had transferred out of Sydney and had moved to a piece of paradise called Narooma, on the far south coast of New South Wales. Incidentally congratulations to the mighty Narooma Devils of 2003 for winning the Claytons Shield, (the best country side in NSW) and the Group 16 Premiership..

In 1979 I decided to make another comeback, one of about 5 before I did finally hang up the boots. I was appointed Captain Coach of the Devils Reserve Grade.

One particular game we played at Tathra, which is a magical part of the coast and just south of Bega.

We were in the sheds getting ready to play and I had an old front rower in my team by the name of Reg Nolte. Reg was not the most skillful player but he always gave a 100% and he loved a blue. In those days, and in Reserve Grade, most of us did.

Reg Nolte playing for the Narooma Devils 1979
Reg playing for the Devils 1979

Reg was telling me a yarn about a previous time he had played against Tathra some years earlier when an all in erupted and all players were involved in the brawl. As Reg stated the fight was calming down when out of the blue the little halfback king hit Reg and took off towards the eastern end of the ground. Reg took off in hot pursuit and chased the little bugger through the eastern goalposts, out of the ground and down the main street to where the tathra pub is located. A good klm from the ground. He finally gave up the chase and returned to the ground.

Reg was in hysterics about this incident and I found it humorous too.

When it was time to run out onto the field to play, Reg as was his habit, always followed me out to the centre. As we were running out for the kickoff and nearing the centre of the field Reg said to me, "Hey you remember that little bugger of a halfback I was telling you about?" I said, "yeah, why" or words to that effect. Reg just said, "Don't look now but the bastard is refereeing us".

When we got to the kickoff spot Reg just smiled at the ref and said something like, " You want to watch it, I won't stop chasing you this time you bastard" and they both just started laughing.

We did get a good run from the ref that day......


fm001 - Watching the 1975 Grand Final on the famous old SCG hill. by Quigs

Posted by quigs eraofthebiff - Monday, May 14, 2012

Quigs the webmaster
Emu Park


I went to the 1975 Grand Final with my wife, several work mates and their wives and a couple of people who were friends of my workmates. In all there was a group of about 14 of us. We went early to watch the lower grade grand finals and sat ourselves down on the grass of the famous SCG Hill just down infront of the scoreboard. (which is the background image of this website)

One of the guys that went with us was a friend of my workmate Artie. The guys name was Terry and he drove a Cement Truck. He was a man mountain of a guy and very intimidating to those who obviously did not know him. That day was the first time I met Terry and his wife / girlfriend.

We had been at the game for about thirty minutes and as they did in those days, some idiots started throwing cans of beer at the spectators at the front of the hill near the white picket fencing. This practice always gave me the shits as the cowards would cringe when the victim turned around and called them on.

The can showers were starting to pick up in tempo where we were sitting and our collective tempers were starting to rise to. More in concern for the females who were with us. Terry in particular was getting shitty and happened to turn around just as this dickhead directly behind us stood up and was ready to let fly with a full can.

Terry being the size he was, just stood up from his sitting position and as he rose he clutched the dickhead by the throat and lifted him up as he got to his feet. By the time he was upright the dickheads feet were off the ground --- just like you see in the horror movies.

He told the prick that he and his wife had come to the footy to watch the game and not get hit by beercans thrown by cretins. Further more if he or his wife / girlfriend, or his friends, indicating our group seated on the hill were to be hit by a can he would personally hold this fool to account.

Well for the rest of the grandfinal afternoon not one can came anywhere near us as the dickhead was facing back into the hill crowd and anything that looked like coming our way was stopped soccer goal keeper fashion by the dickhead.

I know for a fact that there was one person at that ground that day that did not watch the grand final action.


fm03 - A home game at Narooma which involved a live radio broadcast to far south coast NSW Game was Narooma -v- Bega (probably 1979)

Posted by quigs eraofthebiff - Monday, May 14, 2012
Quigs the Webmaster
Emu Park
Sharks .. is the club I follow


Have you got your own Favorite Moment from the Biff Era that you would like to Share with us ...


Narooma was hosting the competition favorites Bega in the Group 16 Match of the Day and the Bega Radio Station would always give a live radio broadcast of the match of the day to the far south coast and southern highlands.

To do the broadcast live from Narooma Oval the announcer Des, (I can't think of his surname and his offsiders name) would set up their gear on the back of a holden tray back ute, very close to the eastern sideline. From there they would run a landline cable to the nearby Narooma Bowling Club and "hook" it up from there.

Bowls Club (Foreground) looking towards the "house full" Narooma Oval

Unfortunately for Des and his offsider his set up position was right in front of the "Narooma Hill" where a large group of our supporters would congregate as it was a great spot to watch the game and it was very handy to the back entrance of the Bowls club where liquid refreshments could be quickly obtained. A well worn and well used track was obvious, if you can get my drift. And another thing which had to be taken into account it was close to cracker night, and in those days you could still by bungers from Canberra, which was only two hours driving time from Narooma.

The Narooma Hill, the voice of the RED DEVILS

Now Des himself was known to be a bit partial to a rum or three before his match commentary and was primed to give a big call this particular day.

The game and commentary was well underway when some unknown offender had made his way from the sanctuary of the Narooma Hill and had set up his own version of a weapon of mass destruction under the announcers utility. The story goes that there were a number of bungers tied together and the wick was a slow burning lighted cigarette. For those in the know, it was like a larger version of a line of Tom Thumb bungers.

Everyone to the east of the ute and that included everyone that was sitting on the Narooma Hill knew what was about to happen.

The bungers went off with an almighty boom, boom, boom, and Des's offsider nearly fell off the back to the trayback. The sound could be heard over the radio broadcast. Des primed as he was apparently never missed a beat and said something like, " The goats on the Hill have just gone off", but the poor offsider was shell-shocked and took some time to regain his composure.

The hill erupted as one when the weapons went off.

For the record Bega 11, Narooma 11.

The lines of communication were not the best in Group 16 during those days and quite often the radio station would ring the local Hotel, which was Hylands Hotel, Narooma late after the game to get the full time results for the football wrap that night and the next morning. More then often the Narooma informant would be a bit worse for wear after a days hydration at the local league and some wild, woolley, and incorrect scores were broadcasted over the airwaves.


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