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Brian Bevan, A Rugby League Hero and Hardman ...#

Brian Bevan Rugby League Hardman, Hero and Legend. Brian Bevan played for Warrington, Blackpool Borough, during the Era of the Biff

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Played for Warrington, Blackpool Borough,
Brian Bevan played Rugby League for Great Britain, Wales, English Rugby League Warrington, Blackpool Borough,

Where is he now?

Bevan died in a Southport hospital at the age of 66 on Monday, June 3, 1991. The tributes poured in, including one from one of Bevan's arch-rivals Billy Boston - the only other player to have scored more than 500 career tries.
Ex-Wigan winger Boston said in the Warrington Guardian: "Brian Bevan was the greatest I ever played against. He was a real gentleman. No-one will ever near his record."
And Warrington club president Clarrie Owen said: "Words cannot really describe Brian Bevan. He was a one-off. His try-scoring was phenomenal. "I have been privileged to be born in an era which produced Brian Bevan."
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Brian Bevan Player Profile

BRIAN Eyrl Bevan is one of Rugby League's all-time greats.

The Australian wing king set records that will never be beaten. He was a one-off and those still alive who saw him play feel heartily privileged.

It was no surprise in October 1988 that Bev was among the original nine all-time greats to be featured in Rugby League's Hall of Fame.

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Player stats for Brian Bevan , (if available)

-Brian Bevan Rugby League Statistics - played with Warrington, Blackpool Borough,, Era of the Biff

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1950 Warrington v Widnes Challenge Cup final

Added 17-Nov-2013

Warrington beat Widnes 19 nil in the Challenge Cup final of 1950 at Wembley.
Bath scores a try, Captain of Warrington.

This Vid found on good old Youtube

Link Status: .. Still Active

Players involved ... .. 23,103,

Video Link -->

1954 Challenge Cup - Warrington -v- Halifax (draw @ Wembley)

Added 24-Dec-2014

This Vid found on good old Youtube

Link Status: .. Still Active

Players involved ... 23, 103,

Video Link -->

1954 Challenge Cup REPLAY - Warrington -v- Halifax- record crowd game

Added 24-Dec-2014

Odsal Stadium, Bradford, Yorkshire. (Timeline of match video)
Warrington bursting through for their first try. Challinor receives, and dashes through to touch down. Players congratulate. SV crowd. Score, Warrington 3-0. SV other end, Halifax pressing, they break loose from scrum. Quick passing a forward pass, more passing until Lynch receives, dashes over line to touch down. Halifax players congratulate but point disallowed because of forward pass. SV crowd. S. Griffiths kicking penalty goal. Score, Warrington 3-2. GV crowds still swarming into the stadium at half-time. SV Halifax players resting at half time. SV Warrington players resting at half time. SV crowd sitting on touch lines. LV Warrington attacking and bursting through the Halifax "25". A brilliant solo run is halted just short of the line. SV crowd. SV Bath kicking penalty goal to make score Warrington 5-2. Ball over post. SV crowd. SV Warrington at other end, working ball across field, but they concede a penalty. LV Griffiths kicking a great penalty goal, ball over. Pan crowd cheering. 5-4. LV Halifax fighting to stop Warrington break away. SV Halifax fighting - tough play. SV Crowd. LV Gerry Helme at other end, bursting through to somersault over line, for Warrington's last try. Score 8-4. LV crowd, storm pitch. SCU Captain receiving cup.

This Vid found on good old Youtube

Link Status: .. Still Active

Players involved ... 23, 103,

Video Link -->

Brian Bevan Tribute

Added 07-Apr-2017

This Vid found on good old Youtube

Link Status: .. Still Active

Players involved ... ..p103

Video Link -->

Brian Bevan Tries

Added 07-Apr-2017

Rare footage of Brian Bevan from 1964 7s competition at Halifax, the worlds greatest ever try scorer Brian Bevan scoring 2 tries, playing for Other Nationalities, showing unvelievable speed and agility... at the age of 40! He had retired from Warrington in 1962 with 740 tries.

This Vid found on good old Youtube

Link Status: .. Still Active

Players involved ... .. p103

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p103 - Brian Bevan memories of by Newsquest Cheshire & Merseyside

He was a one-off and those still alive who saw him play feel heartily privileged .......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 03-May-2004

p103 - Brian Bevan Comments by Joe Warham

The only man who made me say "What he has just done is not possible" 03.......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 05-May-2008

p103 - Memories of Brain Bevan - by Bryan Hoarty, Lancashire, UK

Like Mr Harrop I was a young lad in the fifties and used to pass the changing rooms with my three ol.......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 10-Sep-2009

p103 - Memories from Brian Bevan - from Ref Ron Campbell Widnes

I Remember Brian Bevan and he was unbelievable What a player. When he got the ball the crowd used.......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 24-Jan-2012

p56 - Alex Murphy (p64) Reg Gasnier and (p103) Brian Bevan - comments by Thomas Baynham - Cheshire

I was lucky to play with the great brian bevan on a few occasions at warrington .......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 26-May-2012

p103 - Brian Bevan - meeting the great man - by Bryan Millington, Sleaford UK

When I went out on to the pitch, there was Albert, talking to Brian Bevan, Memories by Brya.......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 27-Jun-2012

p103 - Brian Bevan - Try of the Century - by Bryan Millington, Sleaford UK

Brian Bevan, coming from behind his own line, takes the pass and goes on a weaving run, beating 7 pl.......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 27-Jun-2012

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