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Elie BROUSSE, A Rugby League Hero and Hardman ...#

Elie BROUSSE Rugby League Hardman, Hero and Legend. Elie BROUSSE played for France, Roanne, Paris Celtic, during the Era of the Biff

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Played for France, Roanne, Paris Celtic,
Elie BROUSSE played Rugby League for french Rugby League France, Roanne, Paris Celtic,

Where is he now?

(Quigs here) I believe that Elie Brousse might no longer be with us. I would greatly appreciate is this could be confirmed
Thanks in advance - Quigs ......Dec2012;
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Re "Where Are They" This part has hibernated for years. I've reposted it in May2012
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Elie BROUSSE Player Profile

Elie Brousse a giant of a man who was a policeman from Marseille, formed a deadly partnership with fellow second rower Edouard Ponsinet. Decribed by League Historian George Crawford as one of the best second row combinations in the history of the game. They tormented the Aussies during the 1951 Tour of Australia.

Brousse was part of the French 1951 World Champions Team. The French gave the aussies a lesson during the Third test of the 1951 Tour. France's first ever tour in the Southern Hemisphere

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Player stats for Elie BROUSSE , (if available)

-Elie BROUSSE Rugby League Statistics - played with France, Roanne, Paris Celtic,, Era of the Biff

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Video Link -->

1951 Rugby League test - Australia v France

Added 17-Nov-2013

This Vid found on good old Youtube

Link Status: .. Still Active

Players involved ... ..73, 102, 104, 105, 106,

Video Link -->

That's Rugby League 1950's

Added 17-Nov-2013

Featuring This Player features in great of league doco. Rugby League That's Rugby League 1950's

This Vid found on good old Youtube

Link Status: .. Still Active

Players involved ... 102,104.105,106,117,22,23,25,56,61,62,64,73,83,93,


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p104 - Edouard Ponsinet by From Hull in Print

p104 - Edouard Ponsinet by From Hull in Print 01 Story.......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 03-May-2004

p104 - Edouard Ponsinet (p105) Elie Brousse comments by Lyle Beaton, Gold Coast,

The two players are still regarded as two of the greatest ever secondrowers and rated as the best by.......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 02-May-2005

p73 - Clive Churchill comments by French Legends (p105)Elie Brousse and (p104) Edouard Ponsinet

The great French second-rowers of the early 1950s - Elie Brousse (/p105.html) and Edouard Ponsin.......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 09-May-2005

p106 - Memories of Puig Aubert and the 51 French Tourist at the SCG - Ron Grant

Re. The 1951 French Rugby League team: I played in the curtain raiser before the first test in.......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 22-Apr-2010

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