Refs Call #01 - Story about Test hard man Jim Morgan by ex First Grade and International Referee Laurie Bruyeres
As told to Tony Lewis of .

REF'S CALL - Is all about stories from or involving the 'Whistleblowers' from the Biff Era.

It is a fun thing as many of the 'Men in Charge' were characters, celebrities or as this old front rower of absolutely no repute considered them an unnecessary evil to spoil all our fun.


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Tony Lewis
Western Suburbs Magpies

Team Era would like to thank Laurie for the Story. Referee Bruyeres sadly left us in 2008. RIP Laurie.

JIM MORGAN SOUTHS 1965 - 69 EASTS 1970 - 72

This true story about Test hard man Jim Morgan was told to me by ex First Grade and International referee Laurie Bruyeres.

Laurie victimizing a bloke that never broke the rules, Noel Kelly

" I refereed a game at the old SCG between South's and Balmain back in 1968. I had a routine were I went into the dressing rooms before the match to check the players boots and to make sure they had no jewellery or rings on. The South's players were all sitting around the dressing room getting their last minute instructions from their coach the late Clive Churchill.

Clive said to me that Jim Morgan would like to ask me a question. I turned to him and said, "What's your problem son?" He said " Sir I've been told that if I get up after being tackled and put the ball on the ground and then put my foot on the ball and I don't rack it back and the other team come racing up to tackle me would they offside??"

What Jim was saying is quiet correct until the ball clears the ruck area no player can move up. He obviously had been thinking about this play for some time so I said to him without giving a direct answer one way or the other " why don't you try it during the game today."

Well 15 minutes into the game Morgan is tackled right in front of Balmain posts slowly and laboriously he got to his feet put the ball on the ground stuck his right foot on to the top of the ball and left it there. The Balmain players rushed up I blew my whistle I said Balmain you are all offside penalty against you.

With this quick as a flash Jim Morgan turned to me and said, " These buggers don't know the rules Sir….

For the record South's beat Balmain 18 to 11 before a crowd of 30,920.

The original program of the teams that participated in the game

many thanks again Laurie and Tony .... Quigs


NOTE: If you an old ref that has a fun yarn to tell or were an ex player or just a supporter that remembers an incident... why not share it with us..


Ref Laurie Bruyeres with Noel Kelly

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