Refs Call # 04 That little book, the referees bible at Wembley and must be followed to the letter !!! (by Ronnie Campbell).

REF'S CALL - Is all about stories from or involving the 'Whistleblowers' from the Biff Era.

It is a fun thing as many of the 'Men in Charge' were characters, celebrities or as this old front rower of absolutely no repute considered them an unnecessary evil to spoil all our fun.


That little book, the referees bible at Wembley and must be followed to the letter !!! (by Ronnie Cambell)

The Rules for the Wembley Cup Final Officials
as told to "The Biff" by Ronnie Campbell Cup Ref for years 1985

Ronald Campbell Instructions Quigs !!

We had a book of them !!

Posted by Quigs - Found this link 14/06/2012, on good old YouTube
VIDEO LINK ... 1985 Challenge Cup Final - Wigan v Hull..The greatest Wembley Rugby League cup final of the all..

Link Ref includes players ..78, Ref Ron Campbell contributor to Biff,

Prior to Wembley I received a little book in the mail setting out in detail the events of the day ! Arrival at Wembley , Dressing room ie Hull , Wigan , touchjudges check Jerseys etc , Teams line up in tunnel at 2 40 , Teams in correct position Wigan on left Hull on right ,Referee and Touchjudges line up behind Wigan Wembley official is at head of tunnel checking and timing everything is right Precisely 2 45 he signals and we start to enter arena.

Walk out into arena and proceed to designated position either side of halfway line for presentation of dignaterries ' National Anthem ! Teams are then introduced individually and break away to run onto pitch Warm up !

Referee calls captains to centre Referee tosses up , Captain winning toss has choice of ends , Kick off Precisely 3 PM !

Half time Teams leave arena for dressing rooms , Referee must ensure the ball is in his possession as he leaves pitch and is NOT left on the pitch !!

Referee must ensure teams are ready to restart the second half on time after ten minute interval ! Full time end of game !!

Wembley official positions the winning team to climb the stairs to receive the cup, Losing team follows ! Referee follows losing team up stairs and receives his gold medal and blazer badge Reserve referee and touchjudges follow referee Touchjudges receive silver medal and blazer badge Reserve referee , no momento at all ! Descend to pitch and make your way off , usually through winners celebrating and losers trudging off !

Ronnie after awarding the try to Kenny

I should have pointed out Quigs the very important role the reserve referee has He must be ready kitted out to take over from the match referee in the event of him becoming unable to carry on at any time !! In my case it was Stan Wall my best friend in refereeing who was vital to me He had been there before and helped to keep me focused and calm in what was the greatest moment in my whole career ! And I will forever be grateful to him !! That little book Quigs is the referees bible at Wembley and must be followed to the letter !!!

Ronnie after shepparding Edwards to the Tryline (only joking Ron)

Ronald Campbell The Cup Final referee and colleagues must be in his London hotel on the Friday by no later than 6 pm Stan Wall and I travelled down to London together with our wives and my daughter Alison We went straight to Wembley first to arrive at 2 pm when the teams were visiting the stadium to look around when it was empty the day before the match.

Ron laying down the law after a bit of post try huffing and puffing.

Quigs I had been to Wembley many times before but to stand on that pitch and look around is awe inspiring ! The next day standing in that tunnel behind the teams is incredible ! Any referee will tell you it's amazing ! Because that tunnel was so long you can't hear a thing but when you clear the tunnel the noise hits you and your skin crawls What a day !!!

Ron blowing fulltime on the 1985 Cup Final at Wembley.

Further comments from Ron in reply to some serious questions and some banter from yours truly "Quigs"

It's ok Quigs us English make allowances for you upstarts in Oz !! I refereed the Challenge Cup Final at Wembley. In 1985 Hull v Wigan Brett Kenny Man of Match ! Peter Sterling did not deserve to be on the losing side ! He was magnificent that day !! Record crowd at Wembley 99, 801 all of them calling me a bastard !! I was unlucky in that Widnes were the Cup Kings for season after season stopping me from getting the big one.! And I missed nearly two seasons through suffering bowel cancer ' but came back and resumed in 83 , will sort out some photos for you but beware !! I was a handsome bastard back then !!! Happy New Year to You Quigs !!

NOTE: If you an old ref that has a fun yarn to tell or were an ex player or just a supporter that remembers an incident... why not share it with us..


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