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Neville Hornery, A Rugby League Hero and Hardman ...#

Neville Hornery Rugby League Hardman, Hero and Legend. Neville Hornery played for Western Suburbs, Canterbury during the Era of the Biff

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Played for Western Suburbs, Canterbury
Neville Hornery played Rugby League for Australian Rugby League Western Suburbs, Canterbury

Where is he now?

Still a member of the workforce in Sydney..

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Neville Hornery Player Profile

My memories of Nev Hornery the wildman Canterbury 2nd rower are limited. I remember him packing in with Costello and rumour had it that he would of gained rep honours if it were not for off field discretions.....He played for West in 1968-69, then transferred to the doggies.

(One is alleged to involve the attempted removal of the Bulldogs fountain from out the front of the Leagues Club, whilst it was operational, and the offender was dressed in a suit)

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Pic courtesy of Tony Lewis's great Magpies website http://www.noelkellyskids.info

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-Neville Hornery Rugby League Statistics - played with Western Suburbs, Canterbury, Era of the Biff

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p72 - Neville Hornery comments by Mike Higgison

He and legendary Brisbane coach Henry Holloway are the only 2 people ever to have .......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 20-Mar-2003

p72 - Neville Hornery comments by Glen Fallon, Newmarket

I was talking to a young mate of mine ---- at the time --- who faced up to neville hornery in the tw.......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 16-Dec-2003

p72 - Neville Hornery memories by Ian Hutch, Gosford, NSW Australia

Hornery once got one weeks suspension for every punch he threw in one scrum .......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 11-May-2004

p72 - Neville Hornery comments by Brian Preacher Smith - Sydney

Of all people to mention this to, he ( Ken Stonestreet - west hooker ) asked Nev to sort him out. .......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 15-May-2005

p72 - Neville Hornery memories by Neale Buchanan Hobart Australia

I was excited to find myself lining up against him at the very twilight of his career in the Ipswich.......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 16-May-2005

p72 - Neville Hornery memories by Dave Ashley, Lidcombe, NSW

I saw him make his first grade debut - in 1967 for Wests against the touring France .......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 21-May-2005

p72 - Neville Hornery - Bris -v- Poms memories by Barry Green, Everton Hills, Australia

Then Nev Hornery came on and, given his reputation, everyone expected him to explode .......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 21-May-2006

p72 - Neville Hornery a Bris encounter with (p29) Satts memories by Rodney Harris, Brisbane

sattler wound up and started into them , his first punch went to Nev Honery then someone else then H.......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 05-May-2007

p72 - Neville Hornery memories of playing against Nev by Lyle.f.Reed, Ipswich, Australia

He hit me that hard my ear was ringing like the lunch time bell 09 .......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 24-May-2007

P72 - Neville HORNERY, Talented Nutjob, by Terry Mullane, Quakers Hill NSW

He just pumped in these uppercuts to the Easts hooker's face I also remember the 9 week suspens.......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 17-Jun-2012

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