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Rugby League Quotes The Good the Bad and the Ugly

No 04-Old Rugby League Quotes-From The Biff Era

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Friday, May 04, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly #4

RUGBY LEAGUE QUOTES - most unsubstantiated

This is only a fun thing, and not meant to upset or offend - there were plenty of funny bastards playing the great game during the Era... and these are just a few of them. ENJOY THE READ. No serious correspondence will be entered into.

If you know of any quotes worthy of being included, then what are you waiting for, click the contact link and let us know.


Canterbury Coach Warren Ryan of Grand Final 1984, he told his players, 'when the going gets tough, just follow Kel', (indicating Peter Kelly).

I couldn't hit him could I, I had the ball in me hand. Tommy Bishop when questioned as to why he kicked Graeme Langlands during a test match.

"People said that I feigned injury and that I winked when I was on the stretcher" - Alex Murphy on his 1971 clash with Syd Hynes "Well, I can honestly say that I might have blinked but I didn't wink! I really did take a knock and woke up in the dressing room being attended to by the Wembley doctor."

Jim Mills to Referee Ronnie Campbell,"have u got any idea of the bus timetables back to Widnes,"
referee Campbell had got a lift to the game with Jim ( a distance of app 120miles) but was about to march Jim for continual foul play

A young hoon that ran Neville Hornery off the road and called "Get out of the car, OLD MAN" Well Nev got out of the car and inflicted "REVERSE" road rage on the idiot

"Shields going at Foster. Oooooh! Foster trying to line him up." "Well, I might just sit right back here, Rod" Commentator Alan Thomas - at the 1990 Brisbane grand final - Valleys v Norths
He damaged a lot of sides. - Dane Sorenson on his brother Kurt

"The bone was out of place and I could feel it wasn't right. "Fortunately, a few seconds later, I went in to tackle Hull's Steve Norton and my jaw caught his knee. "The impact caused my jaw to click back in place and I was able to carry on playing." Roger Millward

Mal Reilly and George Piggins fronted the judiciary, Reilly's eye was badly inflamed. And Piggens jaw was swollen to buggery. At the NSW Leagues Club in Phillip Street before the hearing, Reilly said to Piggins, "Who did that to you?" Piggens replied, "You did, you bludger", Anyway Reilly asked Piggins if he was going to have a drink. Piggins said he would and Reilly bought him a schooner of lemonade. They both then went upstairs and faced the judiciary and were suspended for three weeks. The charge was head butting.

That first beer is going to taste good. Steve Kneen on his way to the leagues club, after playing in first and reserve grade

" Don't you ever take the P*** out of me again" Mike Nicholas after decking a young Jimmy Fairhurst who had dummied past him twice at training.

'World War Three. - Warrington coach Tony Barrow describing the New Year's Day 'derby' against Wigan in 1988.

The story goes that in the bar after the match Artie (Beetson) came in with a bandage on his head and went up to Cliff Watson the other GB prop and said "What happened Cliff?" Cliff replied " You got in the way of Dennis's (Hartley) knee Artie"

"Brian Bevan was the greatest I ever played against. He was a real gentleman. No-one will ever near his record." Billy Boston

"I think I took the second tackle. Five Aussies came into me like a salvo of bullets. I stood up to one, two, three, four, but the fifth was enough. I kneeled over with my head full of floodlights. Draggin myself up from the ground I thought, "O.K. Nicko, it's them or you" Mike Nicholas

"I've never seen his (Puig Aubert)equal," says Keith Holman.

Tackle him, Blimey I only just managed to get out of his way.- Saints Fullback Austen Rhodes on why he missed tackling Billy Boston

`f-off`two unsuspecting vandals who were attempting to wreck Mike Nicholas's taxi portocabin

"Every player on the field at one time or another took part in vicious incidents. Boots, fists, stiff arm tackles, and strangleholds made the game an ugly farce" Leading League correspondent George Crawford commenting on the 1954 when the abandoned match


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