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Rugby League Quotes The Good the Bad and the Ugly

No 05-Old Rugby League Quotes-From The Biff Era

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Friday, May 04, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly #5

RUGBY LEAGUE QUOTES - most unsubstantiated

This is only a fun thing, and not meant to upset or offend - there were plenty of funny bastards playing the great game during the Era... and these are just a few of them. ENJOY THE READ. No serious correspondence will be entered into.

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There had been a great team spirit on tour so on the last day Jim Mills called all the players together and said "right - as a group we'll watch out for each other next season - no rough stuff when we are on opposite sides." A few months later Widnes played Saints in a BBC2 Floodlit Trophy final and Jim headbutted Eddie Cunningham. In the bar afterwards Cunningham collared Mills and asked "what about 'no rough play' then?". "Well" said Jim "obviously I wasn't including cup ties in that".

Former Super Coach Jack Gibson once said in respect to (Brian Poppa Clay) Clay's tackling power: "When Clay was on the left the inclination was to detour right".

I would sell my home if I knew that it would keep him with us next year. - Cronulla official speaking about Roger Millward after 17-8 win over Norths, 1976

"The Charity went to the hospitals along with three or four St George players." Peter Tunks on the Annual South Sydney, St George Charity Shield game.

Cas drew Leeds in the Challenge Cup.Dennis (Hartley) was playing. First scrum Dennis smacked Mick Clark in the face as they were packed down.Clarke said " Nay Dennis we are not having any of that are we?" " Yes lad we are,all bloody eighty minutes of it" said Dennis.

Edouard Ponsinet knocked him out to settle an old score while the ball was still in the air from the kick-off. - From Hull in Print

Nicko (Mike Nicholas) played his heart out, matching the Aussies blow for blow. - Tony Barrow

"We were given sandwiches to eat, while the (Souths Sydney) officials were all wining and dining themselves. We copped it sweet (1970) but the same thing happened the following year (Souths won the 1971 GF). By this stage I had had it. I blew my top and I belted a couple of the old officials right there in the club. Next thing I was on the open market." John O'Neill on his departure from Souths

"We got the players to fill in a survey when we came to Easts and sent it off to the United States to be analysed." "When it came back, it showed that Beetson was a born leader. he came out top of the class. So we gave him a shot at the captaincy, and he never looked back." Ron Massey - Supercoach Jack Gibson's right hand man at Eastern Suburbs.

"It certainly got equalled up" "He had it coming. I always said if someone punches me, I'll punch them back, that was my nature." Noel Kelly on his knocking out of English prop Keith Bowman during the 2nd test at Wembley 1963. Bowman had badly broken Kelly's nose.

"Touring with the "Roos was great, even though they put us in low-class hotels back then. One section of the pub we stayed in we called 'Surrey Hills'; you wouldn't go there after dark. Tim Pickup, Terry Randall, Tom Raudonikas and (journalist) Bill Mordey hung out there, and one night they had a water fight. Someone ended up bringing in a fire hose and the whole floor collapsed. The management nearly went crazy. - John O'Neill on touring with the 73 Roos

"As we ran onto the field I said to Dickie; "I think we're going to be having an early shower today if we're not careful. What are we going to do about this?" Noel Kelly to opposing Hooker Dick Wilson of Balmain after reading in the papers that a blitz was going to occur on repeated scrum infringements - both were marched early in the game.

Bumper (Farrell) had a lot of friends, but forgot them all the minute he took the field. He was the roughest, toughest player of his era. He looked at the rules as a minor distraction ... they never worried him - Frank Hyde former team mate and legendary aussie rugby league commentator

"I started off under the no replacement rule and played for NSW against the Poms in 1970 for 40 minutes with a bung shoulder. I had to put my hand in my shorts but I stayed on the field and helped my mates out. If a bloke tapped me on the shoulder to come off, I'd tell him to go to the shithouse. When I ran on the field I was there for 80 minutes. John O'Neill and his views of the interchange.

"It was a slap in the face," "I thought I had been playing the best football of my career. But there had been some deals done in the selection room and I was made a scapegoat. It was a matter of pride. I couldn't play knowing the selectors didn't think I was worthy of the job"- Beetson commenting on his withdrawal from the 1st game of the 77 World Cup after finding out it was Kevin Humphreys the ARL Chief that over-ruled the selectors and had him included in the team as Captain.
Bloody broke my heart did that try - McLaren Field, Virtual Terrace Forum re 2nd Test Old Trafford 1990

"have you seen the size of him? I'm not telling him to take it off" - One Bouncer to the other - re Mal Meninga wearing a waste paper basket on his head and trying to gain admittance to a nightclub

Offiah had ran into the posts - Commentator Ray French, but the post was actually Des Drummond

An opposition forward went to Alex Murphy and said "you cheating little so and so, that was never a try ".."oh no, said Alex, well look in the morning papers..".

" Yes KEVIN, But my nose is still straight, not splattered all over my face as yours now is " Des Drummond to Kevin Iro

'I am the most hated man in Warrington after Kurt Sorensen'! - a sales manager in Warrington and he was a real bastard to his employees

A scrum blew up and punches were flying everywhere. I wan't about to miss out on the action and started to let rip. But as I started to wind up for one big sway at a Parramatta bloke, our second rowere Kel O'shea popped his head up and I caught him flush on the eye. He ended up having to leave the field with a gash that required six stitches. I couldn't believe it! He was a mess. He wasn't too happy at the time, but he forgave me. - Noel Kelly on one of his early games for Western Suburbs 1961.


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