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Rugby League Quotes The Good the Bad and the Ugly

No 07-Old Rugby League Quotes-From The Biff Era

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Friday, May 04, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly #7

RUGBY LEAGUE QUOTES - most unsubstantiated

This is only a fun thing, and not meant to upset or offend - there were plenty of funny bastards playing the great game during the Era... and these are just a few of them. ENJOY THE READ. No serious correspondence will be entered into.

If you know of any quotes worthy of being included, then what are you waiting for, click the contact link and let us know.


Widnes front rower Terry O'Connor (then of Wigan) locking horns with Gordon Tallis. Tallis hit Terry half a dozen times for what appeared to be no good reason so Terry responded in kind leaving both with busted noses.
When asked about the dust up Terry said of Tallis's punches, "My
Grandmothers hit me harder"
Possibly in a test match or in the club championships in the mid 90's.

"Anyone who does not watch rugby league is not a real person."

-John Singleton,

On yet another Union defection to League - It's not Terry Holmes that Bradford Northern need - it's Sherlock! - Alex Murphy (1985)

To play rugby league, you need three things: a good pass, a good tackle and a good excuse. - Anon

The main difference between playing League and Union is that now I get my hangovers on Monday instead of Sunday. Tom David

"We invented the bloody game and now we can't play it" an English supporter after the 2nd test 1986 - Australia 34 Great Britain 4.

English Referees, I don't want to talk about them, I haven't found a good one yet Ray Price

"I was there. I remember Arkie hitting 'The King' - it was so late that Lewis passed the ball in the first half and Arkie decked him in the second." - MickeyMo off the Red Vee St Helens forum.. 10/04/2006 commenting on St Helens Chris Arkwright's late tackle on Wally Lewis during the Australian v St Helens clash 1986.

I was getting up to play the ball when Bumper (Farrell) said in a deep voice, "Hello Son", and almost at the same time I felt Bumper's big powerful, clenched hands around my head, screwing it off. - Clive Churchill on his debut first grade game for South Sydney against Newtown.

"God had a box of special talents and every now and then he would hand it out," "Steve (Rogers) just happened to be a recipient ... he had everything." Bob Abbott Former ARL general manager, Cronulla Administrator

"he's an ANIMAL,an ANIMAL" - An old bloke in his 70's shouted every time Kurt Sorensen had the ball in a Wakefield V Widnes game in the 80's

as the first scrum packed down mctigue reaches up into prescotts jersey and grabs ahand full of armpit hair, which he yanks out of prescotts armpit, then politely whispers to prescott.. "nah then lad.. d'ost though want it hard?.. or d'ost though want easy?"...

"I have been privileged to be born in an era which produced Brian Bevan." Warrington club president Clarrie Owen

We would come off at half-time and beg each other to jog from the field to make the other teams think we were fit. We had to drag some blokes off, but they all did it, we all stuck in there together and that was the big thing."
Alan Thompson Manly 5/8 1978 Grand Final Winning Team

"I made a decision at 16 years of age that I was going to be a professional footballer - don't ask me how I knew, but it was something I just knew." - Arthur Beetson

"You fat old man" 18 year old Mark Geyer to Wests Bruiser Clark - it was MG's second game as a first grader.

"That was typical of Lurch ( John O'Neill); he's just about maimed two blokes but couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. he was a genuine hardman who dished out plenty on the field but never complained when it was handed back to him. it was a different era of the game and he played of keeps - Bob McCarthy on John O'Neill

He's a cow's hoof, an ethnic or comes from Melbourne [on those who don't watch rugby ] - League John Singleton

"The old crims were manly sort of blokes," "They took it and they gave it. Today they are slimy types with hearts as big as the buttons on their shirts. There's not to many men of action around now." - Bumper Farrell lamenting the changing face of the criminal element in Sydney in 1976 when nearing his retirement from the NSW Police Force

"At one stage their little halfback Tommy Bishop, who was a cheeky bludger, kicked me in the shins. I started chasing him but he ran and hid behind big Cliff Watson. I nearly caught up with him a few times, but he was too slippery. Games like that were hard, but they were great to play in. - John O'Neill - On the 1973 Grand Final - Manly v Cronulla.

I got marched a lot I suppose but I never lost any sleep over it. - Noel Kelly


"Bishop used to go on with all sorts of antics. He'd throw haymakers, jump on blokes backs, kick them ... he'd do anything to upset you," "I remember seeing him for the first time when I was out injured that game and he was using every trick in the book. I'd never seen anything like it. I hated him immediately and thought if he tries this against me, I'll kill him. - Noel Kelly on Tommy Bishop


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