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Rugby League Quotes The Good the Bad and the Ugly

No 02-Old Rugby League Quotes-From The Biff Era

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

RUGBY LEAGUE QUOTES - most unsubstantiated
This is only a fun thing, and not meant to upset or offend - there were plenty of funny bastards playing the great game during the Era... and these are just a few of them. ENJOY THE READ. No serious correspondence will be entered into.

If you know of any quotes worthy of being included, then what are you waiting for, click the contact link and let us know.


"When I started back in '76', it was a tough initiation. At the time, it was either adapt or become extinct. So I toed the line. If I'd come down to play as a young kid now, I've no doubt it would of been a completely different story. - Les Boyd

Steve Mortimer said to Tommy Raudonikis as he threw his bag on the double bed "I am the starting halfback I'll take the big bed".

Tommy Raudonikis as cool as you like picked up Steve Mortimer bag walked out on to the balcony and dropped it down to the carpark. He then said to Mortimer "when you get back mine is white with 2 sugars".

Roy Masters (Wests Coach) finally got to Dallas Donnelley and enquired “Dallas, what are you going to do?” Dallas replied, I’m going to get him and rip his head off and poke his eyes out and bite him and kick him and punch him. I’m really going to get into him”.
“Good stuff!” said the coach.
Masters then asked of (Terry) Lamb: “Terry, what are you going to do to your bloke when you get hold of him?”
Baa baa didn’t bat an eyelid.
“I’m going to give mine to Dallas” he said.

"If we could guarantee a blue like that every game then we (the Rugby League) would get another 20,000 through the gate." Tom Raudonikis when questioned after the game about the 1981 Grand Final brawl
I probably just pipped Arthur Beetson, who had one of the most courageous displays in any sporting event in Australia for any time. I mean, to play for your state at 35 years of age, and to play the match that he did, has really inspired me from then, you know, until now. And I think that was the birth of the Queensland tradition and the spirit.
Chris 'Choppy' Close on Arthur Beetson on his selection to State of Origin No1

I had to ask the blokes around me. They'd call me in defence and tell me the numbers. Figured I'd come good eventually.
Les Davidson on playing many matches with a detached retina,

I have been watching videos of my dad and i think he was both very hard and very crazy. My mum thinks so to.
Logan Geyer, Mark Geyers son

"Hey John want to swap jumpers at the end of the game?". Dennis Hartley to John O'Neill as they were scrummaging and near the end of the infamous 1970 World Cup Final. They had belted the proverbial out of each other all game - no holds barred.

Tommy kicked the club off. He turned the club around... daylight was second. Monty Porter on Tommy Bishop at Cronulla

Either sign him or get rid of him before he does too much damage. - Warrington Coach Alex Murphy on Mike Nicholas after Mike had turned up for a trial

“I definitely state that I have been unjustly accused when it is stated that I bit the ear of W. McRitchie.” - Bumper Farrell, Newtown Great

"Not seen anything like it since Jutland" Jack Murray, Hull's trainer in those days was in charge of the Empire side's welfare - THE BATTLE OF THE BOULEVARD FRANCE -V- THE OTHER NATIONALITIES PLAYED AT HULL 1951
"f*****g hell there still at it!!!" Paul (Saint of Hull) as a 12 year old watching the blue between Tamati and Dowling. It was the first time he swore in front of his parents - closely followed by a good belt round the ear for it!!!

"Throw some dirt over him", A wag at Henson Park after Peter Kelly had laid out Penriths Geoff Gerrard
"I was given the all clear by one of the NSW hierarchy before the game to get out there and get into them." "So I went out and followed instructions. And I ended up copping a six week suspension for it ... to say I was bitter wouldn't even begin to describe how I felt" - Mark Geyer on State of Origin No2 - 1991.

"No-one expected him even to attempt a kick at goal, never mind grab two points". - Alex Murphy on St Helens South African winger, Len Killeen, kicking a penalty goal from 65 yards out in the 66 Cup decider.

A spectator to Big Jim Mills after Jim had been subsituted late in the game "Go on Jim run the bath water for the rest of them its about all you are fit for!". - Jim slowly climbed the Terraces and sought out a personal meeting with the said spectator.

"Bob Fulton without a doubt. He was a special player, one who always played to the very limit of his ability. He was tough, he was competitive, he could defend as well as attack. He was good at everything he did. I'd have no hesitation in putting him in my top five players ever." Rex Mossop, Manly, Australia, former TV Commentator

The look on his (Neville Hornery) face would have scared the devil and he hit me in the ribs with his head and put me about 10 metres over the side line. -Former Ipswich Qld Winger Neale Buchanan - The crowd loved it, my ribs were cracked and I left the field soon after.


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