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Rugby League Quotes The Good the Bad and the Ugly

No 03-Old Rugby League Quotes-From The Biff Era

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Friday, May 04, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly #3

RUGBY LEAGUE QUOTES - most unsubstantiated

This is only a fun thing, and not meant to upset or offend - there were plenty of funny bastards playing the great game during the Era... and these are just a few of them. ENJOY THE READ. No serious correspondence will be entered into.

If you know of any quotes worthy of being included, then what are you waiting for, click the contact link and let us know.


So the whistle went and the finger pointed to the sheds - even more laughter as Jim Mills turned to walk off, continuing to chuckle to himself. Referee Billy Thompson couldn't stand it any more and had to ask what was so funny. Jim turned and pointed to billy's hair. "where did you get that f@x@in' rug" was all he said before turning to leave the field for yet another early bath, and leaving the remaining members of both sides in fits.

Newtown Coach Col Geelan called out to him: "What's up Pop, getting a bit stiff in the joints?" The name stuck and that is how Brian Poppa Clay got the nickname.

The first time i ever saw Reg Gasnier on his first tour, it was at wigan...thought he was from another planet...still do!! Derek Marsden, Merseyside UK

"I probably rated Steve Rogers in the era that I played in as the most complete player there was," - Rod Reddy

Jason Stevens was a guest commentator on the ABC's coverage of the Saturday afternoon game( a week after a run in with Les Davidson ).
When asked at half-time about a particular incident in the first half (probably a bit of a stoush between a couple of players), Jason said 'I don't think there was much in that - if you really want to hurt someone, just ask Les Davidson '

I'll take to my grave the vision of Terry Randall getting up for the last game, needing not one but several pain killing injections to get on the field. And all for injuries to different parts of his body. If they had to replay again they would have played. It was a sheer mind over matter thing."
Frank "Buscuits" Stanton. Manly coach

Nobody is going to make a cream puff out of me - Frank Bumper Farrell to a stunned Ambulance Man who had gone onto the field to treat him. The medico had just whipped out the smelling salts as Bumper came to his senses.

I just did things on the spur of the moment. If I had a minute to stop and think I probably wouldn't have done a lot of them. But I never gouged or bit or kicked anyone - I never did anything I was ashamed of - Steve Roach

"if Norm Provan had connected with that stiff arm he threw at you your head would of been over the goalposts." - Veteren Souths Hooker Freddie Anderson, to John O'Neill after Lurch's debut game against St George in 1965

"What the hell are you doing tackling me?" - Changa Langlands St George to John O'Neill South Sydney after Lurch had brought him down in a great copybook tackle

We passed the word to let one of their blokes score but Gary Stevens had cauliflower ears and didn't hear the message. We all let this bloke past us before Gary hammered him with a beauty. But he finally got the message and the next time the Papuan got the ball, he ran 70 metres to score. There were Souths Players missing tackles left, right and centre, and this guy thought he was another Reg Gasnier. - John O'Neill on rigging the first scorers on a Souths end of season trip to New Guinea - to make extra money for their drinking fund.

"The most constructive or destructive player I have ever seen in over 30 years" - former Kangaroo Coach Don Furner on Arthur Beetson

"This man cannot continue - and it must not be considered". The Great Britain Team Doctor after examining Alan Prescotts broken arm at halftime during the 2nd test Brisbane 1958 - But when the team rose to go out Prescott led them.

"I remember when they picked the Australian Team that year. (1970) We were back at Souths Leagues Club after winning the Grand Final. I was that keen to go I was scared to cross the street in case something happened - that's how much it meant to me" - John O'Neill on his selection in the Australian Team 1970

You can have your Sirros, Cements and Gillys. If you think any of them are more feared than "Boondy," you've got rocks in your head.
Big League on Les Davidson

There was only one guy in the whole of Rugby that I was frightened to play against and that was Dennis Hartley, "thank God he is on my side"
Malcolm Reilly

jim Mills in an interview, he said "people had suggested that I count to ten when I had been riled, I tried but sometimes I didnt get past three !!

"Son, he's coming". Rich Harrisons dad telling an excited schoolboy (Rich)that Peter Sterling had signed for Hull

Cronulla without the Sorensens is like the movie 'Jaws' without the shark - tame and boring. - Rugby League Week, after the Sharks were beaten by Easts while Kurt and Dane were playing for NZ

I rate him the greatest all-round centre three-quarter I have seen. - Tommy Bishop on Steve Rogers

"It was every schoolboy's dream to play at Wembley in a Cup final and I thought my chance had gone" Roger Millward

"Every player on the field at one time or another took part in vicious incidents. Boots, fists, stiff arm tackles, and strangleholds made the game an ugly farce" Leading League correspondent George Crawford wrote in a Sydney Newspaper, on the 1954 Tour match Great Britain v New South Wales which was abandoned due to ongoing violence


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