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Yarn Of The Month (some Great Stories)

05. When push comes to Shove." featuring Wakefield Trinity player Nick Du Toit

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Saturday, May 05, 2012

YARN OF THE MONTH #01 ..... (original entry date) June 2005.


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Yarn from Roy Daddy, UK,

Short Yarn supplied by Roy Daddy UK from an old league book, "When push comes to Shove." featuring Wakefield Trinity player Nick Du Toit, local MP David Hinchcliffe and Trade Unionist Glyn Robinson..

"it was the night of the first ever rugby league game at the newly completed don valley stadium in sheffield.

Sheffield Eagles were to play Wakefield Trinity.

As you might expect at such an auspicious event there was the usual smattering of dignitaries there.

Among them was Trinity supporting M.P. David Hinchcliffe,and that night he had gone along with a chap called Glyn Robinson,a local trade union official.

The previous day wakefield had announced the signing of Nick Du Toit,a south african player.

The news that a south african had signed for Wakefield caused a bit of nervous concern for our two socialists who spent the entire period before the game discussing the rights and wrongs of the issue.

Anyway the teams ran out onto the pitch and Glyn and David nervously scanned the Wakefield team to see if they could spot any unusual faces,but as anyone who has visited Don Valley will testify the pitch is some considerable distance from the stand.

Almost as a reaction to this, Glyn says to David "i wonder if that South African bastard is playing?"..

At which point a rather large chap who had been sitting in the seat in front of them all along turned round and said "nah mate,i'm not......"


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