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Yarn Of The Month (some Great Stories)

11. Drinks with Ned Kelly at the Time and Tide Hotel, Dee Why

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Saturday, May 05, 2012

YARN OF THE MONTH #11 ..... (original entry date) 01/02/2006.


Get some more beers, or make another
coffee, take your time and have some fun.

Just a quick note here. This is where Quigs selects the best "Your Story" received for the month or a selection of a favorite older yarn - no correspondence will be entered into and the winner gets bugger all.
All yarns are unsubstantiated and are posted in good faith. Its just meant to be a fun thing, share some of our great memories from the Greatest Era of the Greatest Game of All.


Yarn from Olly Kefford, now of Leeton NSW,

Olly and a few of his mates were drinking in a Sydney Pub which was freqented by Old West, Norths and Aussie Hardman, Noel "Ned" Kelly.

Ollys story goes something like this.....

Drinking in the Time & Tide Hotel in Dee Why West, Sydney in the 80's.

Noel 'Ned' Kelly used to frequent the pub a bit as he was running a butcher shop just down the road and come in after work for a quiet one.

Monday nights on SKY channel saw myself and the mates gather around the TV to watch the old test matches
(Australia v the Poms,etc).

This night Ned came in at the start of a 1961 Test v the Poms and as we saw his name read out yelled out to him at the bar to come over and have a look.

Dimond supporting Noel 'ned" Kelly from an old game
at the Old Sydney Sports Ground

He replied to us "which test is it?" and when finding out replied "naa I won't worry about it" to our dismay but when we saw the 1st scrum pack down which erupted in a full on BIFF "poor" old NED was sent off in what was the quickest dismisal in test match history. (Only to be beaten by Adrian Morley on that hit on Robbie Kearns).

We bagged NED for weeks after that. !!!!



(1)From Paul Kelly, Point Frederick, NSW

A couple of comments about yarn of the month 11
(and Noel Kelly Your Stories entry)

Slight error in that the match the guy talks about is not the one that Noel Kelly was sent off in the quickest time on record, although the story I am sure is true as Noel did drink at the Time and Tide for years and did get sent off pretty early in quite a few games.

The match where he was sent off in record time was against New Zealand at the SCG.

The Kiwis kicked off, the ball is gathered by Johnny King and Robyn Orchard (NZ) belts him with a crushing coat hanger. Noel marches up to Orchard and hits him on the chin with one of his best ever lefts. He got his marching orders on the spot.

Two funny things about it are that on the ABC footage, the commentator (Norman May I think) is reading the names of the players that are still showing on the screen as all this happens and actually stops at about number 9 and says "hang on, what's going on here, Noel Kelly has been sent off" before he even finished reading out the team.

Secondly, Noel had organised some tickets to the members stand at the SCG for this match for a couple of his mates that had come down from Queensland to watch him play. The blokes had got stuck at the Captain Cook Hotel, Moore Park (as you do) and made their way into the members trying to look inconspicuous about 10 minutes after kick off only to find Noel sitting there waiting for them !

all the best

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