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12. Humorous comments on the Memorable stink between NZ Kevin Tamati and Aussie Greg Dowling

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Saturday, May 05, 2012

YARN OF THE MONTH #12 ..... (original entry date) 08/03/2006.


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Yarns from Sibes, Hull UK, Shelton, and Paul (Saint of Hull).,
Some Humorous random comments on the Memorable stink between New Zealands Kevin Tamati and Aussie Greg Dowling from the Brisbane Test Match 1985.



Paul (Saint of Hull).




To be perfectly honest Quigs it's just a vague re-collection of watching it on tele.

It must have been 1986 I think Australia V New Zealand Test, which would have made me 12.

I remember them starting fighting on the pitch, don't recall why, and then being sent to the sin bin.

The over-riding memory was them sledging each other all the way to the sin bin, which I believe was a seperate area then and then they started going at it hammer and tongs, and I don't mean handbags.

The commentator said something about not wanting to see this in our sport and the Director must have cut away but everyone one wanted to see the battle of the gladiators.

It was one of the first times I swore in front of my mother and father without realising, some along the lines of f*****g hell there still at it!!!

Got a belt round the ear for that!!!

Anyway sorry it's all a bit vague but I was only young.





I remember this well...1985 first test of three...lang park..i was in front of our tv with my mum...i was only ten years old. K.T as he is known is a relation of ours and we are proud of his days as a league known hardman.....i have watched it on tape a few times because i wanted to know what started it.

From what i recall, tamati tackles dowling and as dowling gets up to play the ball leads with his head straight into the markers face which happens to be tamati then the brawl goes on ....and on.....and on.... my mum was screaming at the tv....

i was ten and i had to tell her to calm down she was calling dowling everything under the sun... i was shocked at what i was watching and hearin from my mums mouth! ha ha ha....then they got sin binned then it started again...sledging all the way off the feild... they made it a rule to send 1 player at a time off after this incident..it starts up and kevin gave it to him...my mum did too.!!!!!!...i was telling mum to be quiet coz she was yelling so much...

i have talked to kevin about that incident and says it was nothing much really....!!! he said the the best fight was against the poms.... where the cops on the side line had to help break it up....i think it might be second test in 84 or 86 against the poms, he said they gave the hooker in that game a hell of a touch up.. im not sure as our conversation was nearly 10 years ago..

as for my mum she still sits in front of the t.v watchin the games....but doesnt yell like that night of the tamati dowling fight....for the record....tamati 1 dowling nil....

just out of interest imagine how much money you could make if you got them in the boxing ring for one of those charity fights... or got all the players back for a charity type fight against there old foe.....you'd make millions!....p.s. dont forget my cut!


Sibes, Hull UK

1996 - 97


To add my very special memory of this fine man.

In 1996/97 I was playing for Hull Dockers ARLFC and found ourselves drawn away to Lancashire Lynx in the opening rounds of the Silk Cut Challenge Cup. Their coach at the time was Kevin Tamati. On the long drive over we kept ouselves occupied with a recording of Tamati/Dowling going for it!

As we pulled into the ground several players began to turn pale at the news that Des Drummond was turning out on the wing. Personally I couldn't wait to see how many of us he could still manage to knock out.

Anyway the main part of the story took place in the bar, post game. All the lads put me up to call Kevin over for a chat and sting him with a line.

He came over to a group of around 10 players where I (for a laugh) said "Kevin can you help us all out with a name? We were watching an old Aus/Nz video on the bus and can't remember what the guy who battered you up and down the tunnel was called!"

At that point K.T put down his drink, looked me straight in the eyes and began to lift me off the floor by my collar and tie. (buttons popping under the strain) "Why don't we act it out for your little friends right now and see if that helps them remember" his reply. After a few seconds that seemed to last a lifetime, his face changed from a chilling stone cold stare into a fantastic ear to ear grin. He then over a beer and a torn shirt told me on a one to one the full story of that fight. A story that included history between Dowling and Kevin over that full series.

A personal memory of an all time great I'll take to the grave.

We went in at half time 2 / 4 to the good (I banged over two penalties)Great as amatures to be beating pro's at any stage in the game. Went on to lose 26 / 4. Drummond didn't play but met him in the bar. I went on to sign for Hull KR that season and missed out on making the Challenge Cup Plate Final squad for Rovers against Hunslet due to playing in this game. (cup tied!)

Happy Days!!


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