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15. Late 70's Early 80's the cleanup begain - Judiciary starts with the heavies

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Saturday, May 05, 2012

YARN OF THE MONTH #15 ..... (original entry date) 01/06/2006.


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Late 70's Early 80's the cleanup begain.

Cronulla's Dane Sorensen was sent from the field for this tackle on Wests Les Boyd, yet Cronulla's No10 Steve Kneen escaped any form of punishment for his tackle on Western Suburbs 2nd Rower Geoff Foster -- why you ask.

"played 23/8/1978 it think" .. Quigs

Take No Prisoners

Cronulla Hardman Steve Kneen 10, airborne, taking out Wests Geoff Foster. From right to left possibly John Purcell Wests, Dane Sorensen and Greg Pearce taking out Boyd I believe whilst Referee Jack Danzey (a former Balmain and Shark player) looks on. Obscured behind danzey it looks like Pat Hundy
pic sent to Team Era by Jon Sloan...(thanks Mate)

Posted by Quigs - Told about this Facebook link 12/09/2013, on (Facebook) Australian Rugby League Video Page
VIDEO LINK ... cronulla vs wests round 22 1978.Some great names in this very heated game. Sorensons, Rogers, Tommy, Boyd, Donelly, Dorahy, OGrady, Kneen. Particularly the opening minutes. A double stiff arm by Kneen and Sorensen on Forster and Boyd. Dane Sorensen sent off

Link Ref includes players .35,43,52,75,76,81,88,

Dane Sorensen cops 4 weeks - Steve Kneen none. - From a Sharks, West clash 23 August 1978.

Referee Jack Danzey marched Dane Sorensen for his tackle but obviously missed the Kneen - Foster incident. Sorensen appeared before the League Judiciary and was suspended for four weeks.

At approximately this point in time the League gave permission to the clubs to be allowed to use video evidence in the case of citing players for foul illegal play. Dane Sorensen wanted to use the video in an effort to clear his charge but was unable to use it because it incriminated Steve Kneen.

The story goes that the Sharks threatened to use 'their' video evidence to cite a few of the Magpie players if West decided to proceed with charges against Kneen. A Mexican standoff resulted and Foster, who at the time was a serving member in the NSW Police Force contemplated taking civil action against Kneen for injuries received. It was believed that West asked him not to proceed.

This is the old RLW article from the August 26th, 1978 edition
The heading of the story was "I WANTED TO SUE"

A pic of Geoff Foster after the game and the article that appeared in the RLW -
Sent to Team Era by Dean Gibson of Newcastle NSW..

(from the Story of Australian Rugby League by Gary Lester)

In 1980, the NSWRL introduced stronger measures to combat violence on the football field. Jim Comans became the new chairman of the judiciary, and the League altered its constitution to provide that the chairman of the judiciary must be qualified as barrister or solicitor of the Supreme Court. Comans brought the courtroom to judiciary nights and stronger penalties for illegal play, the most severe among them being 12 months and 15 months suspensions for Les Boyd, 15 months for Wests Bob Cooper, and 13 months for Cronulla forward Steve Kneen.



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