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25. Her Father Hit Big Artie With His Baton

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Saturday, May 05, 2012

YARN OF THE MONTH #25 ..... (original entry date) 05/08/2008 .


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Her Father Hit Big Artie With His Baton


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From Loretta Clancy, Emerald, Queensland Australia

North Queensland Cowboys

June 2008



Today was just like any other day in my usually tedious life. As fate would have it I was rostered on by myself, and having just cooked for a bus of 30 people was quite drained and slower than usual locking the restaurant up.

As fate would have it a rather large gentleman without my knowing walked into the premises and with a bellowing HELLO! Is anybody here, I proceeded through the doors back into the restaurant.

Quite taken aback by the man who was before me but also rather elated, after all it’s not everyday in downtown Emerald that a person comes across a legend. One of the greatest legends of the worlds best sports.

That being ‘Rugby League’. A representative of A legend that though excited to see was also somewhat curious to ask a few questions of.

You see my father Brian Clancy was always very quick to tell his clan that when Artie was younger, he and his brothers were relatively mischievous. This one night in particular he no doubtedly must have been up to nonsense because Dad had to apparently hit him with his baton.

My god you say fancy having to hit Artie Beetson the league legend with a baton, and being the person that my father is and never knowing what white lies come out of his mouth we too thought oh yeh! here we go again.

So after introducing myself and shaking his hand I took his breakfast order of; four fried eggs, wholemeal toast (cold), four slices of cold tomato, orange juice and a pot of tea.

I gathered up enough courage to be so bold as to ask him for his autograph which he obliged without hesitation, and then I said to him; ‘I don’t know if it’s true or not but my father reckons he hit you over the head with his baton when you were younger’.

Now very curiously he turned to me and asked who my father was, to which I replied sheepishly, Brian Clancy.

Well he said your father was telling you the truth, he remembered distinctly the time this happened. Artie was only fourteen and a half, doing something he shouldn’t have been doing on the streets of Roma. He remembers so well that he even recalls the other two policemen who were with my father at the time; Wally Payne and a Keith Anderson.

He said to tell my father that he done him a real favour, and that it was a real wake up call for him the best thing that happened to him.

He also said to tell my father that Arties brothers didn’t turn out too bad either both becoming engineers on the oil rigs, although Pedro has retired now because of two heart bypasses.

And so it was that fateful day, a beautiful day on the 7/6/08 that I can honestly say was one of the best days in my life for the fact that now I know that my father was telling the truth “this time”!

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