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Yarn Of The Month (some Great Stories)

18. The Mighty Magpies held their Annual Reunion at Pratten Park 2006

Posted by... quigs eraofthebiff - on ... Saturday, May 05, 2012

YARN OF THE MONTH #18 ..... (original entry date) 01/09/2006.


Get some more beers, or make another
coffee, take your time and have some fun.

Just a quick note here. This is where Quigs selects the best "Your Story" received for the month or a selection of a favorite older yarn - no correspondence will be entered into and the winner gets bugger all.
All yarns are unsubstantiated and are posted in good faith. Its just meant to be a fun thing, share some of our great memories from the Greatest Era of the Greatest Game of All.



On the 29th july 2006 The Mighty Magpies, the old Western Suburbs Warriors held their Annual Reunion at Pratten Park. Tony Lewis, of www.noelkellyskids.info was kind enough to send "The Biff" some great pics from the night. It looks like many a great old match was replayed during the reunion. No exaggerations, no untruths, just straight honest reminiscing..

Good on you Maggies... (thanks Tony) ... some of the Biff Hardmen and Heroes were in attendance and have links off their names.

Arthur Summons and Peter Dimond

Arthur Summons and Peter Dimond with a very notable trophy

Arthur and Magpie

Barry Bryant and his two sons Kurt and BJ

Barry Bryant and Ron Costello

Harry Wells (see Harry in action below 1954)

The story of the England - NSW brawl in 1954 was so big that it made the front page of all major Sunday papers. This is how the Sun Herald showed the notorious day. From left to right, H Wells (Wests) Aus, Touch Judge, D Greenall UK, Ref Oxford, Noel Pidding, J Henderson, A Burnell and Clive Churchill.

Read more in Memorable matches No 3 at the eraofthebiff.com

Ian Walsh and Noel Kelly

Ian Walsh and Noel Kelly - spinning yarns

John Baker, Don Parish and Doug Walkenden

Ken Stonestreet and Doug Walkenden

Laurie Bruyeres and Noel Kelly - still continuing the yarn from yesteryear?



Noel Dolton

Peter Dimond

Phil Franks and Barry Glasgow

Singing Old Magpie Song.

Tony Ford

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