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Just watch yourself in the early scrums,
it's still the 20 minute softening up period remember

An absolute goldmine of Rugby League stories, pictures, memories, information and just plain fun from the Good Old Days. If you visit the "Enter The Ground" page you will find the subjects listed with latest updates. Take your time, grab a coffee or a beer / beers and feast yourself on the content, its totally free and it's fun

Era of the Biff Rugby League covering League from the 1950's through
to the late 80's early 90's and from both sides of the Equator.

Era of the Biff .... It's all about informing and sharing

(From Quigs) This website is dedicated to a great part of the history of the game of Rugby League. Some call it the tough times, the violent times, the era of biff. I for one enjoyed watching the 'battles' as they unfolded on the field, and absolutely drooled about rematches.

I encourage all to share their memories with others by contributing to this website. Have a look around the site, drop us a line. Become a part of the run on team.

How's this for content .... (at time of site relaunch)
82 Hardmen Listed = 82 Full Profile Pages (the Grey Menu)
82 Hardman Pages only containing your stories about them
82 Hardman Pages only containing links to external Vids and Films (YouTube)
Over 800 pages of your stories / memories submitted
Over 120 pages of your Favorite Moments from the Biff Era
32 Memorable Matches Pages
23 Yarn of the Months
15 Player Interviews
9 pages of Great Old Quotes from and about the Hardmen
5 pages of The Biff Dreamteam including Selection process

The site is just an Independent operation - created by me (Quigs) and me alone... so i will probably create stuff ups, all unintentional..... my excuse, I am an old blockheaded front rower of absolutely no repute.

But rest assured I will endeavour to keep adding to the site and for me to do that requires you to submit your information to me.... so hopefully we can all enjoy sharing the memories.


Three legends of Rugby League ???
The one on the left "Quigs" a Legend only in his own mind, and two fair dinkum legends, Tommy Bishop and John Sattler, ......
(pic taken in Emu Park 1990 - go the Mullet)

Era of the Biff is all about Heroes and Hardmen, and sharing your stories and memories. Stories from around the world, Memorable matches, Rugby League Heroes, Hardmen, pictures and interviews. The Biffs covers the NRL, National Rugby League, International, English Wales and Great Britan Rugby League. Many stories and memories surround players from New Zealand and France

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THE DALLAS DONNELLY REMEMBRANCE DAY - Thanks to Joe Camilleri of the Western Suburbs Magpies Fanati.......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 06-Mar-2017

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Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 24-Feb-2017

~ Biff website archived by National Library Of Australia

Era Of The Biff website archived by the National Library Of Australia see More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 04-Jun-2014

~ Comments From Ron Campbell Former Top Shelf Pommy Referee

I love it Quigs, its brilliant and my mind goes back to seeing some of the all time greats in our ga.......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 27-Dec-2012

(p30) A Big Thanks from Cliff Watson re his Biff Page entries

Thanks to everyone that has commented on this site.The comments posted were to nice to read about it.......Read More

Date Listed -governs listing order -latest date top :.... 01-Jan-2012


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