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Title: ... p110 - Charlie Pawsey comments re 54 abandoned game.... by Charlie Pawsey Jnr

I have spoken to my father on many occasions in regard to his memories of games he has played


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Charlie Pawsey Jnr

Salford Reds


29/01/08 list on 29/06/08

I have spoken to my father on many occasions in regard to his memories of games he has played, and it is not very often that a story I have read or heard matches that of my father.

For example,take the Great British Lions match against New South Wales in 1954,the Lions were badly hit with injuries to the backs and so had to field forwards in the backline,this included a prop forward on either wing.

In 1954 there was no such thing as the 4 or 6 tackle rule, so the team in possession basically kept the ball until dispossessed, and due to the fact that the Aussies had more backs on the field it became difficult for the forward laiden Brits to get possession of the ball.
My father said that this led to a certain amount of "Mickey taking" from the Aussies which I'm sure you can understand did'nt go down to well with the lions players.

This meant that when the Lions players got thier hands on an Aussie he was subjected to a "roughing up",ultimately this led to large brawl which resulted in a lot of 'Horizontal' Australians.My Dad as captain on the day was asked by the Lions management to formally apologise to the Australian board of control, which he did,but to this day he resents the fact that no representative from the NSW team was called to apologise for the part they played in the fisticuffs.I'm sure someone could have wheeled at least one of the hospital beds to the hearing?

Appears in the following pages ....P110_Charlie PAWSEY
Date of posting ... 05-May-2008
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