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Title: ... p113 - Des Drummond - Memories and comments by Chris Hill St helens

Just to carry on the great comments about Des Drummond he always seemed to reserve his best for Saints Wigan & Widnes as they were Warrington's closest rivals.

Warrington was the 'House Of Pain' back then when they mention the pack led by Boyd & Tamati but the backs were just as tough none more so than Dessie. Leigh had him for 11yrs and I remember Tony Barrow (Warrington Coach) saying that he was either in dispute or had walked out on Leigh when Tony noticed him training/jogging out on his own to keep fit.

The rest was history and he duly signed for the Wire outfit.

He took part in two of the most memorable GB tries for me... The 1984 Tour of Australasia saw the emergence of Garry Schofield and a length of the field try v Aus which was started off by Dessie will go down in the annuls of GB RL history as one of their best ever tries, he linked up with Schoey twice and Andy Goodway for Garry to dive full length in the corner a fully 80yd move.

The other was a year later at Headingley when the Kiwis came over, he took a high kick around 20yds out and handed off O'Hara ran around in an arc and set a move in motion involving Arkwright, Hanley and Lydon which was another classic try.

Tries of the season - BBC Superstars Hero - Hard As Nails...that was Dessie Drummond !!!

p113 - Des Drummond - Memories and comments by Chris Hill St helens

Appears in the following pages ....P113_Des DRUMMOND
Date of posting ... 17-Jul-2009
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