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Title: ... p114 - Des Drummond comments/memories by Adrian Yates

 Firsly, when Henderson Gill cheated the try,which he did, Des saw the ball bounce off the wall


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Adrian Yates, Leigh, England




Firsly, when Henderson Gill cheated the try,which he did, Des saw the ball bounce off the wall beyond the dead line, he was just about to gather it for a tap start when the thieving Wigganer dropped on it.

On that particular day He'd just returned from Hong Kong after filming the Grand Final of Superstars, where I think he came 3rd or 4th. He was given 2nd place to a yank olympian sprinter after about 30 mins deliberation. If you ever get to see the video, I defy anyone to separate them. But rather than have tears before bedtime, they gave the 10 points to the yank.

My favourite memory of Des wasin a test match (saw it on TV) when GB were points down and neded a miracle, Des rcieved the ball out of a scrum about 35 yards out, and ran jinking into the the massed forwards, he actually dove over one guys shoulder, did a forward roll regained his feet and scored.

Later on he took a bang to his leg and was being attended to, the physio suggested that he come off, Being Dessie, he declined and said something to the effct of, "no, I'll run it off, cos I don't want to stiffen up and miss tomorrows game").

Truly a leader of men who could walk on water and work miracles.

Why I once saw that with a single hat trick, he made 12000 spectators go home without their feet touching the ground.

Spud Y

Appears in the following pages ....P113_Des DRUMMOND
Date of posting ... 19-Jun-2006
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