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Title: ... p114 - Des Drummond comments/memories by Adrian Yates, Leigh

One day a drunk from Hull, (are there any others?), threw a bottle which hid DD on the head


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Adrian Yates, Leigh, England




Dessie Drummond, not only could he walk on water, he could eat three shredded wheats.

He had muscles in places where not many other people have places, he looked like a slab of sculpted mahogany
and was three times harder.

One day a drunk from Hull, (are there any others?), threw a bottle which hid DD on the head. He went down on one knee to recover, then got on with the game.
To their credit, the culprit was grabbed by his own fellow supporters who handed him over to the
police. He was led the long way around from Chadwick St end on the popular side and taken under the tunnel. If the Bobbies had let him have all the money that was thrown at him, he could have paid his fine and his
train fare as well.

Mind you, of the coins which hit him, an awful lot either raised lumps or drew blood. He deserved very penny the s**t....

Des was and still is a gentleman, an uncompromising defender and a fearless attacker, to see him in full flight was poetry in motion and if he's not the best ever, he was certainly the best of his day.

The French named him Le Prince Noir, and at Leigh he was just "he". Anyone with a programme would be asked, "is He playing?", and no one ever had to ask "Who?".

Incidentally, He was invited to Price William's 1st birthday, garden party, was a prison visitor and worked for a time as a cre assistant for people with learning difficulties.

In my book he's No 1 and always will be.

Spud. Y

Appears in the following pages ....P113_Des DRUMMOND
Date of posting ... 20-Jun-2006
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