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Title: ... p114 - Des Drummond comments/memories by American Idiot

Always loved his "tackling" technique of nutting his opponents


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American Idiot From the Total RL Forum




It says he also holds the International/European squats record jointly as well - I can remember watching him on Superstars and the incredulity from David Vine etc. that this little guy from League could do what he could do - in the gym tests he absolutely slaughtered everyone.

I think that when he signed for Leigh they were originally after his brother Alva and Des turned up on spec for a trial game - the rest they say is history. Always loved his "tackling" technique of nutting his opponents - did it against Eric Grothe in the first test at Hull in 1982 and missed - seem to think he caught him the second time though - whether big Eric noticed is hard to say but I think it had some effect on him.

Appears in the following pages ....P113_Des DRUMMOND
Date of posting ... 23-Jun-2005
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