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Title: ... p114 - Des Drummond comments/memories by Dexter

He was as tough as teak and hard as nails and his no nonsense style made him the complete article


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Dexter From Warrington Wolves Website Forum

Warrington Wolves



Dessie, probably my favourite Wire of all time! He was as tough as teak and hard as nails and his no nonsense style made him the complete article.

I bet if you asked players of that era who did they most dislike being tackled by, I bet a lot of the answers would have been Dessie. His tackling style was quite unique as his head went in first as a batterring ram often leaving his opponent winded and in a heap on the floor.I suppose it was the human equivalent of an exocet missile! Dessie played his game to the rules though and was not a dirty player, he just played the game as tough as humanely possible. I think the reason Martin Offiah scored so many tries against us back then was because he was so petrified of getting tackled by Dessie....lol. The crowd used to taunt Offiah with chants of Dessies gonna get ya, I'm sure that made him run faster

He was very fast and scored many spectacular tries and it is true that when Dessie got the ball you could feel the air of expectation rise and the crowd would buzz off him.

I think summer rugby would have suited Des big time and if he played in this era I think he would be a regular GB international no problem!

I remember a match at Wilderspool, Hull I think, and Dessie had broke away from our own line and was in full flight with only the fullback to beat. He reached just over half way and tried to arc around the fullback. The fullback tripped him and Dessie was sent sprawling losing the ball. Des was furious of being denied a try by a trip and you just knew his fuse was going to blow. He dragged himself up and ran back to the fullback and unleashed a series of punches that buckled the fullbacks legs. The punches still rained in as he went down and hit the floor. Both players took no further part in the game. I have never seen so many punches connect to a man in the space of a few seconds.

Of course people may have differring opinions of Dessie but after watching most if not all of his Warrington career in my opinion Dessie was the best all round winger of his era. No he didn't score as many tries as Martin Offiah but his defensive contribution was awesome and made him the complete player.

Appears in the following pages ....P113_Des DRUMMOND
Date of posting ... 29-Jun-2005
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