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Title: ... p114 - Des Drummond comments/memories by Michael Bolton

 A definite case of irresistable force meets immovable object.


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Michael Bolton, Merseyside




Re: Des Drummond - I'd have to echo the point made by several contributors that Des did spend his best years a Leigh RLFC and as such we would have to claim him as one of ours (although I'm glad to hear that he's so fondly remembered down the road!). Des had pace, power and agility and was without doubt one of the greatest runners with the ball I've ever seen. Once he got an inch of space he was lethal. His greatest try, criminally in my opinion, was never shown on TV due to Leeds wearing advertising on their shirts during the first half. In our championship season, Des took the ball near his own line, appeared to beat the entire Leeds team at least once before leaving the full back on the seat of his pants with an outrageous side-step and diving over the line for the try.

For obvious reasons I also remember him scoring a fantastic 70 yarder to secure the points against Wigan.

People have mentioned the amazing tackle at Hull KR but there was another time I seem to remember him taking on Mal Meninga (I think Meninga was at St Helens). Meninga had broken away and Des went in head first, Meninga put his shoulder down. The subsequent collision lead to both players bouncing back 6 feet onto the deck. A definite case of irresistable force meets immovable object.

Oh, and I think Des was a black belt in Judo to add to his hard man credentials.

Appears in the following pages ....P113_Des DRUMMOND
Date of posting ... 11-Jun-2007
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